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5 Amazing Sports to Check Out in Australia

So, you are planning a big trip down under and are looking for something fun to do with your time? Perhaps you are a big sports fan and you are wondering what big sporting events Australia has on offer for you? Australians love their sports and with such great weather for most of the year, there are plenty of different sporting events that tourists can enjoy, no matter what time of year they come! To save you spending hours trawling through the internet trying to find a shortlist to work your way through when you visit, we have helpfully compiled the Top 5 for you! So, read on to find out our selection of the Top 5 sports you should definitely check out during your stay!

  • It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia if you didn’t check out some surfing whilst you are here. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting that you hop on a surfboard and get out there riding waves, but with surfing being such a big part of Aussie culture, you should definitely watch it. One of the top surfing events of the season is the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, Victoria. It is the world’s longest running surf competition and brings together all the best names in the surfing world, in one place, to shred the waves together. Waves here can measure up to five metres tall, so you are in for an exhilarating event. There is also a music festival that runs alongside it so you can kick back and relax when the days surfing events are over.

  • Whilst rugby has its roots in Europe, its popularity has transitioned to the antipodes. Australian rugby teams are now a force to be reckoned with and the game has an enormous following locally. Going to watch the Aussie teams battle it out is a fantastic experience and one we thoroughly recommend! Whether you choose union or league, men or women’s, local or national- you are sure to enjoy the experience from beginning to end!

    The Aussies are also massively into their horseracing and this is another sport that is popular to place bets on! If you have time when you are here, make sure you get down to a track to watch the events. A good one to look out for is the South Australian Derby which is always a guaranteed good day out!

    To spice things up even more, why not consider placing a bet on your favourite horse to win? Sports betting is mega-popular in Australia and you can check out the best Australian free bets here!

    • So you have heard of the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo- one of the most famous in the world, but did you also know that Melbourne also has a Grand Prix? Drawing all the big teams, drivers, and builders from all over the world, you can watch these million dollar supercars battle it out on the mean streets of Melbourne and soak up the infamous party atmosphere whilst you are there! If you don’t think you will ever make it to Monte Carlo, then we recommend ticking this off your bucket list when you visit Australia!
    • Did you know that Australia has its own version of football? Similar in some ways to American football, it is a widespread and popular game that you should definitely try and catch when you visit. Called the AFL and played nationally in a league, it is extremely popular with the locals. It traces its roots back to 1850 and the games used to have to set length, instead teams would play until one team scored two goals. I can imagine some of these went on for quite a while!
    • There you have it, our roundup of five popular Aussie sports that you must make time to check out when you visit. Remember you can always add an extra element of excitement by placing a wager on your favourite team, sports person, or outcome! Best of luck, and enjoy Australia!
  • Photo courtesy - Tourism NSW

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