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Aboriginal Tourism in Australia


Aboriginal Tourism in Australia

What an amazing place is Australia. Aside the popular destinations that millions visit each year, there is another more cultural and historic Australia. One that dates back over 40,000 years in places and well worth discovering.

Aboriginal holiday destinations offer tourists the chance to experience the culture and lifestyles of our very first Australians, while learning that Aboriginals of Australia have a lot to offer now and in the future. Aboriginals inhabited most of Australia, from the lush coastal regions to the hot , dry outback areas. Learn about there past and contributions to our future identity. There are many places to learn about this unique heritage and enjoy their art, music, food, traditions, history and culture in Australia.

We have listed here, just a few of the best places to enjoy our friendly and rewarding - Aboriginal Australia.

Aboriginal Tourism Australia
Kakadu National Park

Kakadu - Northern Territory
This world famous national park is home to great aboriginal art, culture and history. Let the locals show you their paradise.

Uluru Ayres Rock - Northern Territory
Uluru - Ayres Rock. Northern Territory
There is no rock bigger than this, and it is also home to a long aboriginal heritage. Come and enjoy the experience with locals.
Torres Strait Islands QLD
Torres Strait Islands - North QLD
The Torres Strait group of islands stretch from the edge of Cape York to lower Papua New Guinea
Cape York - Queensland
Cape York - North Queensland 
One of the most significant rock art areas in the world, with sites dating back over 20,000 years.
Kimberley West Australia
The Kimberley - Western Australia.
The Kimberley is one of Australia’s most important regions for Aboriginal rock art.
One of Australia’s last frontiers
Flinders Ranges - Sth Australia
Flinders Ranges - South Australia
The dreaming stories around this area are amazing and will keep you spell bound. There are many sacred sites here to enjoy.

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