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New South Wales Holiday Regions

Holiday Regions NSW
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Popular New South Wales Holiday Destinations
Kings Cross - Sydney. NSW
Kings Cross. Sydney NSW
Kings Cross in the city of Sydney, is an interesting destination for travellers-offering a variety of entertainment, mostly targeted at adults. Famous for its nightclubs, strip joints, bars and sex shops, Kings Cross represents Australia’s version of Amsterdam’s “Red Light District”. more
Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb
Bridge Climb, Sydney Harbour. NSW
The Bridge Climb is a 3 and a half hour guided journey, along the outer arches on catwalks and ladders. The Discovery Climb, also a 3 and a half hour climb, travels along the inner arch of the Bridge, where you will be able to touch the raw steel and rivets of this amazing icon more
Lord Howe Island NSW Australia
Lord Howe Island. NSW
Because of its isolation and absence of humans until recent times, Lord Howe has a unique natural history. Listed as a World Heritage site, these volcanic remnants have great natural value and beauty, with sandy beaches, coral reefs, imposing forest covered mountains and some of the rarest flora and fauna on earth. more.
The Outback - NSW Australia
The Outback. NSW
Dry, dusty, arid and unforgiving part of Australia-bordering on Queensland and South Australia and over 1000 square km’s in landmass. And while this region may look baron and un-inviting at first glance, explore beneath the surface and you will find some wonderfully interesting experiences, that will enrich your life. more
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