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Easy Studying - the Best Tools for Your Focus

If you’re a student, you’ve probably found it difficult to study at times. Every now and then, you might feel overwhelmed by keeping up with your studies, engaging in extracurricular activities, and trying to have a social life.

So, what should you do to improve your focus? Well, there are lots of helpful tools online that might help. Many websites, service providers, and apps claim to be the best on the market, but which ones should you go for? And as with any casino app Android, are there affordable and free study tools?

To answer the questions above, we’ve curated the following study tools to help out high schoolers and college students. From planning and organizing to preparing for exams, these tools can help you stay organized, motivated, focused, and in charge of your studying.


The average student is typically a busy and stressed individual. Enter Todoist. This is an unobtrusive but powerful and simple to-do list app that can help you get organized, stay focused, and manage hectic days with a relaxed, calm mind.

It lets you add in tasks using your voice, focus on the most critical tasks with its auto-sorting feature, and achieve mental clarity with the knowledge that you’ll never fail to honor a crucial appointment or complete an important assignment.

Moreover, there’s even a helpful guide to prime you for success.


Over 2.5 million creative, productive, and happy users praise this app and website blocker for helping them regain focus and do their best work on time.

Distractions exist in many forms, robbing you of your attention and energy. But with Freedom, you can eliminate plenty of distractions and study effectively. The app’s features include blocking specific websites, specific apps, or even the entire web for intense, flowing study sessions.

Freedom also allows you to put your study sessions in Locked Mode and schedule breaks so you can cultivate strong study practices and do away with bad ones. The Focus Music feature will let you enjoy some soothing music so you can relax and focus, while the Session Notes will help you stay on track. Moreover, reviewing Session History reports can help you continuously improve.

Free browser extensions such as Limit, Insight, and Pause can help eliminate unproductive browsing habits, set your daily surfing limits, and review the time spent browsing.


Taking notes is an important part of studying. It’s among the skills you require to be a successful student. One of the ways to improve your note-taking is to use a useful note-taking app.

Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, Evernote is a feature-rich, simple-to-use note-taking app. With this app, you can efficiently take all kinds of notes, including class notes and your private study notes.

If your class notes are in PDF form, you can also include them in your notes for quick access and viewing. Additionally, Evernote offers amazing features to help you organize and access your notes.


Available for iOS and Android devices, Forest is a smart productivity tool. If you want to stay focused while studying, open this app. Set a timeframe (i.e., your session of focus) and plant your tree of choice.

During each focus session, you’ll concentrate on the current task and watch your tree grow. But if you pick a call, cancel the focus session prematurely, or open another app (which requires exiting Forest), your tree will wither away.

If you want to keep your tree alive, you must maintain focus. As you remain focused for an extended period, you’ll end up with a forest from which you can draw motivation and inspiration.


Quizlet is arguably the best flashcard app for several reasons. It’s brilliant for learning formulas, definitions, and any other study material you can break down into a string of facts.

With Quizlet, it’s super easy to create your sets with audio cards, images, or texts. If you have no time to revise your content, you can look up pre-made sets from other users.

Quizlet stands out due to the various ways it puts your knowledge to the test. When you want to test your knowledge, the app offers multiple study modes, including write (which shows one side of a card first while waiting for your answer) and match (where two sides of a card are shown, and you must connect them correctly).

Quizlet will keep track of which kinds of questions you answer wrongly over time to help you focus on them next time.

Use these Smart Study Tools to Achieve Academic Excellence!

With countless distractions from our environment and tech gadgets, it’s difficult to maintain focus and achieve your study goals. Technology can be useful or destructive, but it all boils down to how you deploy it. That’s why we’ve compiled these study tools to help you stay focused and motivated while studying so you can achieve academic excellence.

Some of these tools help with planning and organization, some with revising for tests and exams, and some with note-taking. They can benefit students and pretty much everyone.So, be sure to try them all and see your focus improve!

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