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6 Reasons Why Hunter Valley Is a Perfect Australian Getaway

Hunter Valley Wineries

Many people consider tourism in Australia to be all about the wild outback, Aboriginal sights and dangerous landscapes. While Australia does have its wild side on prominent display, there is also a gentler side of Australia. Where hedonism, luxury and relaxation exist within a lush green valley. Tourists and people who wish to experience something new and indulge their senses should come to Hunter Valley, Australia's prime wine region. The sooner you pack and set your course to this hidden gem, the sooner you will discover an Australian wine haven.

1. Gardens of the Hunter Valley

The first moment your eyes first see Hunter Valley, you will notice an abundance of flora. Green pastures, sprawling meadows and vineyards that stretch over the hills, are all around you. And nowhere is flora more concentrated than in Hunter Valleys Gardens, where you can find over a million plant types. You've read that right! Within the hand-grown mazes, you can find hidden patches of gardens, flowers and more, waiting for you to take a picture. Hunter Valleys Gardens have enough content to fill your entire day or at least a big part of it. Speaking of filling up, here is our next item on the to-do list.

2. In vino veritas

Vino veritas and Hunter Valley will get you to sample rivers of fine wine. Coupled with Australia's finest wine offer, you will treat your taste buds with home-grown and organic food. From meat, cheese, salads, grills, pasta and other culinary delights, each restaurant is a door to a new world. You can't go wrong with picking one or hopping from one to another during your stay. Imagine staying at a rustic restaurant with a scenic view over the vineyards. A chef brings you a plate of delicious, mouth-watering food, and your biggest choice of the day is which wine to pair with it. If that's not heaven, we don't know what is.

Hunter Valley Cheese and Wine

3. Hike, ride and galop over Hunter Valley

Australia is synonymous with adventure, no matter where you are. Even in the safe, tame and nestled Hunter Valley adventures are abundant. You can take a hike thru the Barrington Tops national park, rent out a bike, bicycle or scooter and zoom by vineyards or take a horseback ride with an instructor. Whatever means of transportation you choose, and whichever road you take, you are guaranteed to find something new.

During your wild adventures, you will need a safe and cozy haven to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. You can find plenty of great and recommended Hunter Valley accommodation options, where you only need to look at top reviews to find the best one suited for you. Having a place to lay back, rest and recharge your batteries in between adventures will let you experience the cozy side of Hunter Valley. A side with which many people fall in love and decide to live here.

4. Over and above

The whole of Hunter Valley can be in the palm of your hand with one balloon riding over it. As the sun rises, so two will you in a hot air balloon and soar over the majestic landscape. Hot air balloon rides are a time-worn tradition in Hunter Valley with over forty years of experience and practice. When you wish to have a romantic getaway, there is no better option than to soar high and wide. When you are done, you will have a clear picture of the entire Hunter Valley and can start planning your next destination through wine and cheese.

Hunter Valley Locals

5. Visit the Zoo

Wonderful inhabitants from Australian wildlife and more have their home in Hunter Valley Zoo. We've talked a lot about the flora, but the fauna of Hunter Valley is also worth mentioning. The zoo is an ideal family place for a relaxing walk as you see animals enjoying their time in safe environments. The Hunter Valley Zoo prides itself on being interactive, so visitors can snuggle up, take pictures, play and interact with some animals. Meercats, lemurs and marmosets make ideal playtime partners and will melt your heart.

6. All things wine

Hunter Valley and wine are entwined like vines that sprout ripe grapes from which the entire process starts. Learning all about the intricate process of winemaking from scratch, and picking will open your eyes to the wonders of wine. The subtle differences in various processes, all contribute to the overall flavour. Since ancient civilisations, grape stomping is a time-honored tradition in which you can partake. Having a hands-on, or feet in this case, will let you experience the wonders of winemaking, and you can even buy a bottle of wine you've helped make.

To burn off all those calories from wine and food you can roll in a wine barrel race, pun intended. Rolling and trying to keep a wine barrel straight is no easy task, but a fun little activity. And to finish it all off, reward your taste buds with mouth-watering delight from the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. Wine, food and chocolate, what more could you wish for in a dreamy getaway?

Hunter Valley was and will be a special place in the Australian landscape. Located just shy of a two-hour ride from Syndey, few people know about this jewel right at their doorstep. Maybe that is for the best, as the mysticism and wonder of Hunter Valley are partial to its obscurity. We invite you to give it a try, as you never know what you may find!

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