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Australia Travel Restrictions:
The Impact of COVID-19 on International Travel

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on travel plans for people all over the world. In Australia, there are currently restrictions in place to protect the safety of travelers and residents, but do you know how these restrictions can affect your travel plans? And are you sure that you know what the restrictions are? Let’s dive into whether it’s the right time to visit Australia for vacation.


Restrictions on Entry and Movement

There are currently restrictions in place for the entry and movement both, in and out of the country. Australia travel restrictions have been in place since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020. As things stand, Australia’s borders are currently closed for tourism and other general visitors. However, there are exceptions to this closure, for example, immediate family members, Australian citizens and those with permanent residency are permitted entry at the border.

Outward Travel Ban

International travel from Australia is not readily available. It is currently only available if you can prove that you have an exemption. The ban is in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its mutated strands. As there is an outward travel ban in place for all Australian residents and citizens you must check with the consulate or other security department that you have a valid reason for travel. For more information, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health.


Of course, if you have to leave Australia other exemptions may apply to your case. For example, if you are on a temporary visa, or if you are needing to get back to your country of residency. You may also be permitted to travel if you can prove that your journey is necessary on compassionate grounds, or as a matter of national interest. Other exemptions which may apply to your case for travel include, needing to travel for your employment, or business, or even needing to travel to receive urgent medical treatment.

Entry and Quarantine

If you are returning to Australia because you are a citizen, then you will need to follow a strict 14 day period of quarantine, unless of course, you are exempt after having traveled from a green list country. Having your vaccination passport and/or medical background on your person is also highly recommended for entry. When you enter Australia, you may be screened by health services at the airport, especially if you are showing any signs or symptoms of illness, or, if an abnormality or high reading has been displayed as a result of your biometric scan.

Extra Allowances

As there are rules and regulations in place, for those entering Australia, it is important to allow yourself some extra time. If you need proof of your residency, or, if you need proof that you are an immediate family member who can grain entry, then give yourself longer to apply, and receive the relevant documents. Consulates and security services are still working through backlogs of applications, and are taking longer to process documents. So, as soon as you can make plans to get the correct documentation in place before you commit to booking flights, and other travel arrangements.

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