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Australia or New Zealand:
What to Choose for a Gambling Fan?

Are you interested in gambling? Want to know whether Australia would be a better option for you or N. Zealand to indulge in your interest? The Australian Online gaming market is one of the largest markets, not only in the Asia-Pacific Region but all the world as well.

The Kiwis are also catching up quickly to Aussies and are on track to becoming a global player in the Australian gambling industry. If you are a fan of online gambling, then you may be wondering which of the two countries has flexible laws and regulations, and which state will not allow you to place bets on offshore sites.

In this article, we have briefly compared the rules, laws, and general idea towards placing bets in both countries.

Australia - New Zealand Flags

Gambling Laws

When it comes to Aussies and Kiwis, the state is relatively liberal and all kinds of gambling are legal. Even though there are various restrictions on what different casino operators can provide, the state allows most of the choices.

The bettors are allowed to game pokies on various offshore websites, but the gaming companies within the Australian state can’t offer these sports. However, on the other hand, the laws don’t allow various gambling sites to operate within their boundaries. Kiwi gamblers can only access casino games from different offshore websites.

Moreover, it is heavily regulated. We can see the growth of online gambling amongst both Aussies and the Kiwis, equally! Apart from these differences, there are a few more that we will see below.

There are various websites that accept clients from both countries. However, casino sites other than those approved by the Racing Board – for online sports betting – and by the Lotteries Commission such as the UK gambling commission – for lotteries – are illegal and you should stay away from them.

You will have an exciting gaming experience in both countries with live dealer games and sports such as jackpot city, video poker table games including top rated ones, at fully licensed popular online casinos and win money right from your mobile!

Variety Choices

Australian bettors prefer to bet on racing and sports. These two are followed by lotteries. The Aussie bettors place over 80% of the racing and sports bets.

Since there are no legally authorized slots in the state, pokies are not very well-liked. However, the most well-liked game is pokies. The New Zealanders love to bet on online pokies since they don’t need any experience and are pretty easy to play.

A variety of best online casino New Zealand, reviews of which you can read, offer a wide selection of different games for players. This is very popular with New Zealand players and makes these casinos their favorite.

Website Features

When it comes to Australian bettors, they choose the gaming websites depending on how competitive the offerings are. Moreover, the variety of choices available along with the reputation of the website matter as well.

Most of the players go with locally licensed websites as they are concerned with the safety and security offered by internationally licensed casinos. Kiwi bettors are concerned with places that offer instant withdrawal and fast payout, and the preferred payment method at New Zealand online casinos accept varies.

There are different banking options as well. Who doesn’t want to get their hands on the money they just won, instantly?

Casino Chips

Gambler Percentage

When it comes to bettors, a significant percentage of overall bettors in the state are men. According to some estimates over 90% of the online bettors in the state are men while very few women indulge in this activity.

On the other hand, this trend differs. The stats show that an equal number of male and female bettors are present. This shows how well-liked betting is, regardless of gender. Both Aussies and Kiwis think of gambling as an interesting hobby and pastime activity that they can use as an extra income as well.

Moreover, since the government doesn’t tax the bettors’ winning from online casinos based in the state, the activity is more well-liked there. There are several websites that support large range poker games with flexible rules.

The Trends

It is common knowledge that Aussies bet on anything under the sun. As hobbies are on the rise, there have been various crazy long trends that bettors have been jumping in on. When it comes to Aussie bettors, betting on royal baby names has been very well-liked.

However, this craze hasn’t caught up with folks in the NZ casino world. Kiwis remain hooked to well-liked sports such as pokies and haven’t fallen for these trends as of yet. However, maybe it is only a matter of time before they do!

Final Word

We live in a digital world, surrounded by technology, spending most of our lives on the internet. With a global pandemic going on, the gambling industry has been on the rise, with people betting from the safety of their homes.

You will find that Australians are pretty enthusiastic gambling fans and love to pick the latest choices. Even though there are different betting laws in Australia and for Kiwis, and both countries have their differences, the choice of betting from either country is entirely up to you.

The whole experience – whether as an Aussie or a Kiwi – is amazing, and choosing the best casinos is very easy if you know how to select the right one!

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