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Australia’s Best Destinations To Stay - Live Like a Local in Australia

You’re heading to Australia, and you want to stay off the beaten track, live like a local and experience what the country is really like, past the great barrier reefs and the cuddly koalas. Great! You’ve landed in the right place. This huge continent has so much to offer, thousands of miles of pristine coastline, wildlife, parties, music and so much more. Follow these tips and you’ll fit in with the Aussies during your trip. We’ve had to narrow the search down to our favorite three cities, as there really are far too many amazing places in the whole country to fit into one article.

How to live like a local in: Brisbane

Brisbane is a big favorite with the Aussies for their summer vacation. With the Gold Coast round the corner, you can easily disconnect from the daily grind, kick back and relax. The city itself is home to a new generation of edgy, artistic and alternative crowd. If you want to blend in, head to Burnnett Lane, and check out the street art whilst knocking back a freshly brewed latte in one of the independent coffee shops. If you get hungry later on, pop to Eat Street Markets, a collection of food pop ups with a laid-back atmosphere.

If you’re more adventurous and you’re into your surf, check out some Gold Coast rentals. With plenty of accommodation on offer in this area you’re spoilt for choice, from city pads to beach side chalets. Finding the perfect place is a straight forward task when using the correct tools! Locals love catching some waves on one of the many postcard picture beaches followed by cracking open a bottle of beer with their feet in the sand. Sounds like heaven right!

If this still doesn’t convince you, just two hour’s drive from Brisbane are some of the most incredible rainforests, with waterfalls and century old trees towering over you. Most Aussies love a good nature walk, so if that’s what you’re into, you’ll fit right in!

Brisbane River
Yongyuan Dai,

How to live like a local in: Melbourne

If you want to become a true Melburnian you must be nuts for one sport, and one sport only: AFL. And we don’t mean a little nuts, we mean buy-all-the-merchandise-and-consider-AFL-a-religion nuts. This isn’t only true for Melbourne, but probably the whole of Australia. That being said, the city is considered one of the main AFL hubs. If you’re visiting during the season, make sure you go to a game! The rules are pretty simple, you don’t need to get into the details of the game, just soak up the atmosphere and the buzz in the city. Don’t forget to pick a team to really get involved.

In true Melbourne style, follow the game up with a good old BBQ, another pillar in Aussie culture. Grill up the biggest selection of meats imaginable. The important part is to share it with a group of mates. If you master both AFL and the BBQ, you’re basically a local.

For those who prefer a more relaxed time in Melbourne, Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Walk is a hidden gem, one of the local’s best kept secrets. Every day they have a guided tour through the artwork exhibited, going through their significance in Aboriginal history. What better way to get to know the locals, than learning about their past?

Yarra River Melbourne

How to live like a local in: Sydney

There are two local traditions in Sydney that both happen in December, that most Sydneysiders have enjoyed, the first is to spend Christmas Day on the beach. Of course, as Australia is in the Southern hemisphere, the festive period is in the middle of their summer. So, get your bikini on or swim short and get a tan! Get chatting to your neighbors on the beach and celebrate the day together. The second tradition is the New Years Eve pyrotechnics display, thousands gather around the Opera House to watch the impressive firework display. You get a mix of locals and tourists, making it a night to remember!

Another secret gem, less known than Bondi but not less impressive, are the Bronte Baths. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sydney, it’s less crowded than other more famous spots and hidden away from the truckloads of tourists. Take a daytrip here to cool off and mingle with the locals. When you make your way back to the city, another top tip is to go to Clarence Street for a few drinks. Some of the best small bars are down this magical street, loved by the locals.

Sydney Harbour Ferry Terminals

Hopefully with these ideas you can really feel at home on your trip abroad to Australia. With so much on offer, you now can get inspired when it comes to organizing your own itinerary. One thing is for sure, you’ll have a blast!

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