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Best Investing Robo-Advisors to Help You Succeed

For everyone who is searching for low-cost financial advice or low-cost financial investments, or how to play free pokies online, robo-advisors are a god-sent. Robo-advisors are recently gaining a lot of media and mainstream traction due to their ease of use. They are a class of advisors giving financial advice online with minimal human intervention.

Phone Computer

As a result, they make the investor’s journey easier and more fulfilling. So here we have a list of the best Robo-Corp advisors to look forward to.

Here they are:

1. Betterment;
2. Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios;
3. Ellevest;
4. So-Fi;
5. Vanguard Personal Advisor Services.


Betterment is one of the top players in the industry, and it has rightly earned itself the spot. It has set high standards of efficient service and customer satisfaction. As of right now, Betterment delivers two service options: Betterment Digital and Betterment Premium. Betterment is one of the best robo-advisors that doesn't require the investor to invest a minimum deposit. However, this scheme only applies to its Betterment Digital offering. Investing in the Betterment Premium offering requires a minimum $100,000 balance in exchange for complete phone access to authorized financial planners all the time.

Betterment offers multiple features like automatic rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, customized retirement plans, and the option to purchase fractional shares in funds. These fractional shares ensure that all of the investor's money is invested rather than wasting time. In addition, buyers who want a little more control over their investment portfolio can use Betterment’s “flexible portfolios” tool, which allows the user to adjust the share of their money invested in any specific ETF. There are also three other portfolio options available for investors:

1. A smart beta portfolio that has the potential to provide higher than average returns by taking up market risks;
2. An income portfolio made up entirely of bonds;
3. Socially responsible portfolios use ETFs consisting of companies whose businesses are directly in alignment with certain social causes.

One can sync their other accounts with betterment accounts and acquire advice on them. In addition, customer assistance is available every day of the week for Betterment Digital, whereas Betterment's premium plan provides access to a human advisor.

Charles Schwab Intelligent Portfolios

Charles Schwab has shaken up the robo-advisor market with intelligent portfolios. Schwab is a well-known name among investors for its investor-friendly policies and for bringing this spirit to robo-advisors. Some of the attractive points of these portfolios are the free services such as rebalancing, automatic tax-loss harvesting, and unlimited access to U.S.-based consumer service. In addition, Schwab charges no management fee, thereby increasing its effectiveness in meeting the higher account minimum. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios offers two alternatives to investors for investment:

• The base service is the Intelligent Portfolios: A robot advisor requires a minimal investment of $5,000 and charges no extra advisory fee.
• Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium: This online financial planning service provides clients with endless access to competent financial planners for a minimum balance of $25,000 and a recurring $30 monthly fee. The premium offering also requires a $300 one-time charge which is used in planning.

Schwab's basic service, which is Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, has zero management fees, no commissions, and no account fees. This is extremely attractive since most robo-advisors make money mostly from management fees. However, this free-of-cost management option goes away if one opts for Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium is the company's hybrid advisor. It delivers the same portfolio options as the free service, alongside unlimited access to authorized financial planners.


The focus of the company Ellevest is usually on women. However, the financial policies of Ellevest are inclusive of the needs of everyone. As a result, Ellevest is the best choice for goal-based investing. Unlike other available robo-advisors who charge excessive money, Ellevest has a monthly fee that varies from $1 to $9, depending upon the requirements. There are many plans such:

● The basic plan includes services that help assess an investment portfolio and access education and banking features like ATM reimbursements.

● Higher tier plans encompass financial planning according to set plans and curtailed fees on financial assistance and executive coaches.

Instead of charging a percentage of assets under management, Ellevest now charges flat monthly fees. In addition, the tiered plans have no minimum investment and cost as little as $1 a month. Ellevest also allows existing Ellevest customers to move to the new plans, Money Memberships, or continue with their existing pricing plan until further plans are introduced.

Ellevest Money Memberships offers three levels of services:

• Ellevest Essential charges $1 a month;
• Ellevest Plus charges $5 a month;
• Ellevest Executive charges $9 a month.

Every membership includes one or multiple personalized investment portfolios managed by Ellevest’s algorithm. It also gives clients the option to invest in Impact Portfolios formulated to impact women’s progress on boards and senior levels positively. However, anyone can pay for coaching sessions through Ellevest’s website. One doesn't need to be a member or have money invested with the company to avail this service.


With extremely investor-friendly assistance, SoFi has extended its services into the domain of robo-advisors. SoFi helps deliver automatic rebalancing and goal-based plans to assist the investor in achieving their goals and objectives. One can also access various facilities like financial advising, discounted SoFo products at no extra cost. SoFi has no management fees. SoFi Automated Investing costs $75 for closing an account.

SoFi gives the client a choice of 10 portfolios. These choices are based on risk tolerance and investment objectives, native and international stock, markets, and high-yielding bonds. The cost of portfolios is very competitive and thereby is one of the cheapest robo-advisor portfolios out there. Moreover, SoFi stands out by providing automatic rebalancing in its automated investing schemes. In addition, all customers have unlimited access to SoFi's financial advisors for free.

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services

Vanguard is one of the most popular services available that has used its size to reduce fees for investors. Vanguard Personal Advisor Services is one of the most prominent. In addition, players in the hybrid robo-advisor/online planning space have efficiently followed in their footsteps. The advisor charges just 0.30% of assets under management with a $50,000 account minimum.

Vanguard offers both virtual planning tools and guidance from human financial advisors to consumers. Most of these advisors are fiduciaries and own competent certifications. These advisors help consumers in providing a customized financial plan and ongoing portfolio management.


Robo advisors are becoming famous day by day as the management is done with the help of computer algorithms. It helps in building a portfolio and managing the assets based on personalized goals and risk tolerances. In addition, as the financial management is handled by software rather than a human financial advisor, robo-advisors have lower fees, which can help in increasing profits for investors in the longer run.

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