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Can we do an eVisitor visa at the airport?

In this post, I will share all the answers related to getting an eVisitor visa at the airport. Let’s check out!

What is an eVisitor visa?

The eVisitor for Australia is an on line travel body that grants visas for Australia digitally. The eVisitor system, like the ESTA system in the United States, excludes the need to actually go to a consulate or embassy to deliver an application form.

Citizens of European nations can apply for the eVisitor visa subclass 651 online, whilst nationals of eight non-European countries (the United States, Canada, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea) can apply for the ETA Australia (subclass 601) online.

The present eVisitor authorisation was developed in 2008 to enable a mutual short-stay travel agreement between Australian nationals and European Union residents inside the current structure of the Australian visa system.

Appellants do not need to schedule a meeting with an Australian embassy or consulate to apply because the application mechanism is totally computerised.

Can you get an eVisitor visa at the airport?

It is not feasible to apply for an eVisitor visa for Australia upon arrival. This implies that tourists cannot apply for a visa at the airport once they arrive in Australia. Foreign nationals will be asked for previously authorised visas by border control personnel.

The eVisitor visa application procedure, on the other hand, is fully electronic and easy to wrap up. Most petitions are accepted within hours of being submitted.

However, it is also highly advised to apply at least two days before travel to account for unexpected delays.

Before arriving in Australia, travellers should ensure that they have the passport used to submit an application, and also a printed copy of the eVisitor.

While being in Australia on a visa 651 for Australia, the holder must notify the Australian Immigration Authority of any modifications to their data or circumstances, such as a change in contact number, email, relationship status, or the birth of a child.

Because it is tied to the current passport, the eVisitor for Australia will become invalid if the traveller's passport expires. Those with an expired eVisitor visa cannot renew while in the country and must apply for another sort of Australia visa.

How long will it take for the approval of the eVisitor visa?

The eVisitor visa is among the most quickly obtained visas for Australia. The application might take up to two days to be evaluated and accepted, however, most visas are issued within hours. Simply apply the following to speed things up:

● Answer all of the inquiries on the application form completely and accurately.
● Attach all necessary documents.
● When sending the request, double-check it.

How long am I allowed to remain in Australia with an eVisitor visa?

eVisitor visas are applicable for up to one year or until the traveller's passport expires, whatever occurs first.

Recipients of an eVisitor visa are permitted repeated admissions of up to three months (90 days) apiece.

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