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Car Maintenance. When Is The Right Time?

Endless worries about what may be going on under the bonnet of your car are neither helping your budget nor your nerves. Ignoring the problems that may seem minor at first can eventually lead to a disaster. Yet at times it may seem unwise to waste money on small issues like some weird noises your car started to make. The best thing to do is not to wait for the “right” or critical time and to visit a car service in Sydney for maintenance and check-up regularly.

Scheduled car servicing is an easy way to always be aware of your vehicle’s condition and prevent any major breakdowns, avoiding spending large amounts of time and money at workshops. By always servicing your car on time you can also significantly increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

You can set up a maintenance schedule for the budget and the time that suits you best and you will be free of all the uncertainties and worries, minimizing the chances of an accidental breakdown. So, staying in touch with your car specialist on a regular basis can be rather crucial.

Car Engine Servicing

How To Schedule Car Maintenance

There are two components of planning your maintenance schedule, the timing and the frequency. In other words, how long it takes to service your car and how often you need to do it. Neither would be the same for all the auto brands or the individual drivers. Servicing frequency, as a general rule of thumb, is recommended to be carried out twice a year. However, this can vary greatly according to your driving style. That is why we take an individualized approach taking into account your personal circumstances in addition to your car’s needs.

For example, if you drive a new Hyundai Tucson, according to the manufacturer’s manual, you need to change the brake fluid every 40,000 km (approximately every 36 months) as it deteriorates with time and also mileage. But as driving distances can vary significantly among individuals it can be wise to check how much the brake fluid has deteriorated every time you take your car to a workshop.

Manufacturer guidelines always need to be adapted to specific scenarios. This will help avoid unexpected breakdowns and will make your car safer for you and your passengers. Take an opportunity to discuss this with your car specialists and determine the maintenance requirements for your vehicle.

In summary. The main reasons for choosing a scheduled model of car servicing:

  • Ensure your and your passengers’ safety
  • Prevent major breakdowns and associated expenses
  • Extend your car’s lifespan

Mechanic at work

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