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Casino Tourism Becomes Travel's Most Popular Sector

Indigenous Opera House Sydney

Australia is one of the most popular tourist attractions. From the intriguing Nullarbor Plain to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, there is plenty to enjoy in this territory. An environment that is more conducive to tourists is excellent for the country's economy because it attracts more revenue and attention from potential investors.

Casino tourism is among the booming trends in global tourism. Australia has embraced this trend by developing big casinos to accommodate gambling tourism. As a result, visitors and locals alike can enjoy both online casinos, like Zodiac casino, or reputable land-based gambling establishments at their convenience. Let us discuss why casino tourism has emerged as one of the most popular travel sectors in recent years.

What Is Casino Tourism?

Casino tourism refers to travelling to a location where gambling is legal with the goal of engaging in it. Resorts frequently serve as the locations for these gambling events, where participants can also find entertainment and lodging. Since the early 1900s, casino hotel resorts have drawn tourists to cities across the world, like New York, Las Vegas, and Venice.

Many territories have benefitted from the legalization of gambling in many states worldwide. Both physical and online casinos have generated massive resources to boost the economy as well as improve the respective casino hotel resorts.

Australia's Casino Tourism Sector

Roulette Table

Although Las Vegas and Macau are known to be the most popular gambling regions, Australia is quickly emerging as one of the most popular casino tourism destinations. This country features a massive and diversified gambling sector in its eight states and territories that host the best Australian casinos.

In terms of local gambling, approximately 80% of Australian adults gamble, whether in or out of the casino. This is because Australians enjoy the highest access to gambling facilities compared to other countries. Slots are the most widely played casino game, with many beginning to play different types of slots as teenagers. Slots are risk-free amusement devices that offer enthralling experiences and aid in lowering tension.

The popularity of casinos among locals is also observed among tourists. Reports show that approximately one million people with Asian accents travel to Australia to gamble. In fact, the number of tourists visiting Australia has exceeded those in Las Vegas and Macau by a whooping ten million.

In addition, Australia's most popular casino, Crown Hotel Casino, generated $114 million in 2021 and has an average of 10.9 million guests annually. However, most casinos are now recognized as attractions in and of themselves, housing a variety of hip eateries, bars and nightclubs, hotels, theatres, and resort features like swimming pools and water parks.

Given this, it should be no surprise that gambling establishments have grown increasingly entwined with the nation's tourist industry. After all, most of them also function as fully integrated gambling resorts offering some of the friendliest and most opulent hotel rooms in the nation. It is also worth noting that gamblers in Australia, regardless of enjoying land-based or online casinos, do not pay tax on their casino earnings, like many other casino tourism destinations. Instead, the casinos themselves are responsible for paying gambling taxes.

Why Casino Tourism is So Popular

Compared to other states like Canada, the Australian gambling sector is governed by specific state laws, not the federal government. This means that gambling laws in different territories may differ, but that does not take away from the legality of casinos in the region. This legality has contributed to the popularity of casino tourism in Australia. Below are some more reasons why casino tourism is so prevalent in Australia:

  • Availability of World-Class Casinos

If you are familiar with the Australian gambling scene, you know how exquisite the Australian casinos are. These resort hotels are some of the most attractive places in the world, providing each gambler with a unique and memorable experience. These casinos often offer their guests generous bonuses, a massive selection of games, and simple payment methods.

In addition, these facilities usually offer a wide range of activities and amenities besides gambling. For instance, the Star Casino consists of a massive gambling lobby, day spas, a luxurious retail collection, a popular nightclub, a 5-star boutique hotel, and an events venue.

  • Safe and Easy to Access Gambling Opportunities

Australia is a nation that heavily promotes gambling. In fact, while many nations are concerned about whether gambling is allowed, Australia is one nation that enthusiastically supports the activity.

Some estimates suggest that Australia has more tourist gamblers compared to any other nation in the world because of this open promotion of gambling. Additionally, the government receives substantial tax revenue from Australian casinos and sportsbooks, mainly via casino poker machines.

In addition, Australia has state-by-state laws to synchronize the laws instead of regulation from the federal government. Moreover, the industry provides the government with startling amounts of revenue, significantly encouraging it to promote it.

  • Visitors Can Gamble and Travel Simultaneously

Australia is an outstanding casino destination because it consists of numerous tourist attractions, apart from its gambling venues. As a result, visitors are sure to enjoy a relaxing and changed environment even as they gamble. You can choose to visit the Sydney House Opera after an afternoon filled with gambling activities or even the Queen Victoria Building after a successful night of gambling at the Crown Sydney.


There are several reasons why casino tourism is booming in Australia. The list is endless, with easy access to gambling opportunities and the availability of top-notch casino hotels to a safe and welcoming gambling environment. If you want an unforgettable gambling experience and enjoy traveling, you should consider traveling to Australia.

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