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Factors to consider when choosing the best watch for travel

Are you planning a trip? You must have already decided what you’re going to wear. Apart from the shoes and clothes, you should also choose the right accessories and this includes watches too. Watches are timeless travel essentials that keep your trip on track.

When choosing the right travel watch, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration. The good news is that most of the watches in the market today are multifunctional. Some of the most amazing capabilities include:

  • Monitoring health
  • Water-resistance so they can be worn when swimming
  • Showing notifications when you get a text or call

Selecting a luxury travel watch

Depending on what your travel destination is, here are some of the factors to put in when choosing the right travel watch to buy:

  1. Risk – Is the watch appealing to thieves? If yes, what measures should you take to guard it?
  2. Comfort – Is the watch comfortable enough to wear for long hours? This factor is highly influenced by the material of the band
  3. Coverage – Does the watch allow you to connect to a carrier at your destination? This applies to smartwatches
  4. Durability – Is the watch going to survive the trip? Will you feel a sense of loss if the watch gets damaged?
  5. Power source – How is the watch powered? Is there a possibility that it will die on you? Options for the power source include manual, automatic, battery, rechargeable, or solar.
  6. Visibility – Can you comfortably check the time in the dark?
  7. Versatility – Can you wear for active pursuits as well as dinner dates and other dressy occasions?
  8. World time – When you travel, will the watch automatically reset the time? Get a watch that tells you the time in more than one location
  9. Alarm – Does it come with an alarm to ensure you’re not late to the airport?
  10. Stand-alone – Does it operate independently or must it be connected to a smartphone?
  11. Will the watch be worth selling one day? Some watches are known to greatly appreciate in value over time.

Expensive watches are most likely to attract attention

One of the biggest reasons why most people need to find a travel watch is so that they won’t have to bring their regular luxury watch on the trip. It would be so devastating if your $30,601,608 Patek Philippe got stolen on your trip. A high-end watch is an indicator of a person’s overall wealth and can, therefore, jeopardize his travel security. Luxury watches can sometimes attract a lot of undesired attention.

If you’re someone who likes to wear expensive watches and wouldn’t want to bring your luxury multi-million-dollar watch on the trip, you still have lots of options. Generally, a good and reasonable price point for a travel watch would be $500. Some affordable watch brands include Citizen, Casio, Caliper, G-Shock, and Seiko.

What material should the band be made of?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ll be traveling for, it’s very important to choose the right material if the band. People should go for watches that are durable and water-resistant so they won’t have to keep removing it. This way, they won’t have to worry about the watch disappearing because it’s not on their wrist.

Here are some great options for the band material:

2. Metal bands

These can survive anything. However, they tend to scratch easily and are often quite heavy so they make the watch to be bulky.

2. Rubber or woven bands

These too can survive anything. The good thing about traveling in watches with rubber or woven brands is that they give off a more casual vibe. If you’re looking for a sporty style, this is the way to go.

3. Leather bands

Leather bands look great. Unfortunately, they can easily get damaged particularly in hot and humid weather.


Everybody loves luxury watches – even if they can’t afford them. Using these phones is more satisfying than checking the time from a smartphone. Considering everything we’ve talked about above, you can confidently go out and buy a great travel watch.

Gearing up for a trip is always a great excuse to buy new things. Maybe it’s now time to get a great travel watch for your next travel adventure.

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