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Five Incredible Japanese Anime Films Dedicated to Gambling

The Japanese are fond of all kinds of gambling. There is a whole sub-genre in anime and manga where the characters compete under incredibly difficult rules. Many popular anime films are devoted to gambling, reflecting the love of Japanese people in both entertainment spheres. In this review, we will describe the most popular anime films, which are fully or partially dedicated to gambling games.

1) Kakegurui

The main plot takes place within the walls of an elite private academy in Hakkao. It accepts only the kids of the richest and most influential people in Japan. In this school, there is a special hierarchy that determines your position solely by the amount of money. To earn as well as to lose everything is easy because all students love gambling and betting, and the student council only encourages such a way of life. By the way, you may become an expert in online casinos with the casino4u site.

Jabami Yumeko is a newcomer to the academy. She immediately expresses her interest in the local tradition of sorting things out with the help of gambling. Therefore, she agrees to compete with another student. Then it turns out that she does not care about money and status because all that she appreciates in life is excitement under the risk of losing everything. Hence, the name of the anime can be translated as “Gambling Maniac”.

2) Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

The wounds left by the crushing defeat in World War II have just begun to heal. Exhausted by tough work, the Japanese began to run from an ugly reality to the sweet bitterness of drinking, and the excitement of gambling, no matter how hard the authorities tried to prohibit them. The protagonist, Tetsuya, arrives in Tokyo with one goal – to profit from a small fish that decided to gamble. He is confident in his skills and his luck, and at first, he even wins, until an old man sat down at the table wins. After the game, left with empty pockets, the hero realizes that he was grandiosely deceived by the old man.

3) Kaiji

Some people mistakenly believe that this anime series is a kind of tribute to excitement and money. However, the only cold calculation is put at the forefront, alongside psychology and ruthlessness towards those who decide to rely on luck or the help of the gods. /p>

Kaiji is an unemployed loser who has no luck in gambling games, and therefore he unleashes his anger by spoiling expensive cars with a knife. Suddenly, he finds himself in debt with Yakuza criminals. In stressful conditions at the tournament, he begins to adapt to the rules of the game and quickly develops a winning strategy based on the psychology of the opponent.

4) Death Parade

The series takes place in a bar called “Quindecim”, whose visitors are people who have already died but have not yet entered either heaven or hell. The manager of the bar – a part-time bartender named Dekim invites playing a game where their lives will be at stake, and find out who deserves reincarnation, and who will go into oblivion. The main thing in anime is the value of human life. Each person values his own life above others. But everyone is the same with their own story, feelings, and memories.

5) The Legend of Mahjong: Akagi

In the very first scene, we get acquainted with the familiar image of a “loser player” who already has one foot in a grave dug with his own hands. Each new step brings him closer and closer to the abyss, from which there will be no chance to get out. The hero desperately needs help and it comes in the form of a mysterious young man named Akagi.

Akagi is not a player for money, fame, or power, but for the game itself. Without a doubt, he is a perfect gambler, completely invulnerable, knowing not only the rules of the game but, more importantly, the psychology of the people playing it. Using his brilliant intellect and abilities, Akagi believes only in calculation. He is well aware of the fact that only a person who has nothing to lose can one day get lucky. Lack of attachment to the outside world gives the hero incredible strength and an incomparable advantage over the enemy.

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