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How To Have An Extraordinary Vacation In Australia

With Covid-19 restrictions being lessened across Australia, the tourism industry is beginning to recover. More and more visitors from the UK, Europe and other parts of the world are selecting Australia for their vacation destination. Local Australian domestic travel opened even before that, with inner-state travel allowed ahead of international visitors.

Whether you are coming to visit from far abroad or just the next state over, we have quite a few thrilling activities to suggest that lean on the luxurious side. These are unforgettable experiences that have nothing to do with your casual sightseeing or going to a museum. Here are three ways how to spend your time in the Land Down Under that you won’t find in a typical Australia guide:

Do Some Island Hopping On A Private Yacht

Whitsunday Islands are known for some of the finest waters on the planet. With non-existent wind, warm temperatures, and the most picturesque scenery one can come across in Australia, all seventy four islands here are ripe for exploration. Only five of them are inhabited, which means you will be able to do whatever you wish while you are there. Plan a retreat, get a tan, swim, dive deep to explore the stellar fauna, it’s all you!

Renting a boat or a yacht is expensive, but it is one of a kind luxury way to spend your time. Make sure you have a good plan, and an understanding of what you are going for. There are many reputable professional companies out there, and they will gladly consult you and answer all of your questions and provide you with the most memorable experience.

Doing It The Right Way

When you have made your choice, you will be instructed on how to use the boat and all the specifics. Gather up the supplies you need, double-check on things, and you are free to sail where your heart desires. Make sure to stay within your realm of competence, stay near the shore, and always keep communications with your radio man.

They will be your go-to person with any questions, as well as keeping you out of harm’s way, although in this area, it’s extremely unlikely unless you go way out of your to get yourself into trouble.All you will need to do is to promptly answer their daily radio calls and inform them about your whereabouts and future destinations.

As it’s quite a luxurious service, you can rent a boat from anywhere and have it delivered to any convenient location.You could be leaving from Airlie Beach, which is a gorgeous coastal town or even have a yacht delivered straight to Hamilton Island or Hayman Island for an unforgettable yacht experience.

Pro Tip

Whichever destination you choose, you can save time and money by sending your luggage with the now-popular delivery services. It’s way more convenient to have it picked up from your home and let it meet you wherever you arrive. If you have extra luggage or oversize, it will come out way cheaper than the old-fashioned way of checking-in at the airport.

Considering that it may take you more than one flight to get to Australia, you may be able to save anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred dollars just on your luggage. And your back. Your back will thank you for it.

Foodie Vacation to Tasmania

Tasmania isn’t always the first idea of places to go when visiting Australia and this goes doubly so when considering a culinary vacation. However, the stigma of Tasmania as backwater and culinary not important is a thing of the past.

Initiate your journey with a tasty breakfast made of fresh bagels and doughnuts prepared at the Farm Gate Market in Hobart. Then, get ready to enjoy some particularly delicious culinary experiences throughout Tasmania. The local produce you will get to try here and the numerous gourmet stores will excite your taste buds in ways you didn't think were possible. Each town has something new to offer, with unexpected twists on seemingly familiar dishes.

If you love chocolate, you must drop by the House of Anvers located nearby Latrobe and try their Belgian-style specialties. Looking for a more fruity-juicy experience? Check out the incredibly sweet and juicy apples at Willie Smith's Apple Shed, which is a local cider house that was turned into a museum located in the Huon Valley.

Don't forget about the Tassie oysters you will find at the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed in Port Arthur or give in to your cravings with the triple cream brie and chili camembert you will find at the Wicked Cheese shop located in the historical parts of Richmond. Tasty cheese asks for fine wine, so plan a short trip to the Tamar Valley, which is the primary wine region in Tasmania. They make a wicked pinot noir, which also happens to be Tasmania's signature wine, so remember to give it a try.

Luxury Train Ride Sightseeing

Get ready for a breathtaking train journey by hopping on The Ghan, a ride consisting of no less than 2979 kilometres. On this journey you will cross many of Australia’s most impressive natural regions including the beautiful Flinders Ranges mountain region, the scorched desert, along with the Red Centre and Katherine Gorge. The incredible train ride will take you 3 days to complete across the entire continent, carrying you from Adelaide to Darwin and to vice versa, and it will be sprinkled with some drop-dead gorgeous whistle stop tours in the memorable Alice and Katherine Springs.


Nambung National Park: The Pinnacles Limestone Formations

Nambung National Park is located in the Turquoise Coast part of Western Australia, 250 kilometres north of Perth. Home to an area of spectacular, naturally occurring, limestone pillars known as The Pinnacles, it’s hard to imagine a more breathtaking site. Their resemblance to UFO-like tombstones is uncanny and will make you want to pull out your camera and snap dozens of bizzare pictures. Plus, the park also hosts plenty of wildflowers, beaches, amazing fauna, and fishing opportunities for those interested. In fact, you could plan your stay in a cosy fishing village nearby called Cervantes or plan a trip to the Indian Ocean Drive and enjoy the vividly coloured wildlife you will discover on your way there.

Final Note

No matter what you choose to do on your extraordinary vacation, if you want the lavish kind, go all out. Any of the three ways we suggested will work great, but you can also find many other options for you to experience Australia. It’s a place where everyone is having a good time, and so should you. Travel stress and hassle free wherever you go, but double that when you visit Down Under.

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