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How Travel will look after Covid-19

The world will recover from the Covid-19 virus. While it might not feel like it now, we are all stuck in our homes and there are no immediate plans to open the world back up, normalcy will return. The new normal might look a little different, but we will be able to travel again.

Let’s take a look at the best tips for travelers in the post covid-19 era, so you can easily plan your next trip when the quarantine ends. You might want to consider a trip to some of the most amazing European casinos.

There are two things we know for sure about travel after this virus settles. Travel will come back. And, travel will look different. Corporations are already changing the way they operate, finding that people are working fairly successfully remotely. This means there will be less business travel in the future. Tourist attractions will be least affected. People are still going to go see the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and other worldwide landmarks. But, how will people travel?

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The Logistics of Travel after Covid-19

Let’s take a look at how we traveled before Covid-19 and how we will travel after Covid-19. Certain aspects of travel have been changed forever. Here’s a breakdown:

● Airplanes/airports – If you were already claustrophobic about being stuck in a metal tube for hours before the virus hit, you are probably not feeling any better now about so many germs flying around in such close proximity to you. Air travel will return, there are too many things to do and see around the world to end the industry. If air travel can return after an event like 9/11, which it did, then it will return after this virus clears.

You might see even stricter screening at the airport. Airports added TSA and tighter security protocols after 9/11, and now you might see tighter medical screening. There could be disinfectant protocols now at airports, to ensure you do not bring any illness in to the airplane. Facial recognition might be used in place of boarding passes. Once the airline industry solves the dilemma of data breaches and privacy issues, expect to see more facial recognition and less boarding passes. There will be less things to touch and less ways to pass germs.

● Hotels – After the airline industry, hotels have been next affected in the travel industry by this disease. Hotels will reopen. Again, there is too much to see and do in this world to shut down the industry. Hotels have become cleaner and more sterile over the years, but now they will need to be even more so.

You might see hotels filled at half capacity for a while. The days of checking out at 11AM and a new person checking in at 3PM might be over. Hotel staff could take a day or more to clean a single room as they work to do a deep clean of every surface in the room.

● Car travel – Car travel will only be minimally affected. You will not see much changes to your own personal car travel, except maybe changing gas prices as the world adjusts to supply and demand. Car rides and road trips will be one of the first modes of travel to come back after the quarantine.

Ride share services like Uber, Lyft, and taxis will change a little bit. It is possible you will be required to wear a mask for a long time to come in a car share.

● Trains – Trains are probably going to be similar to the air industry. You might have some stricter protocols to follow before onboarding a train. Maybe you go through a disinfectant booth so that you do not bring any germs into the small train area. And, they might eventually do away with print boarding passes in favor of something more technologically advanced.

The travel industry will come back, just be prepared to adjust the way you travel. You might want to wait out the comeback, and see how the first wave of travelers adjust and adapt to the new normal of the travel industry. Let the hiccups get worked out by other people before you book your first trip.

Where can you Travel after Covid-19?

You will have plenty of options for travel when the world opens back up. In fact, one of the best activities you can do right now while you are quarantined is to plan your next trip. Do not book flights and hotels, but you can set the parameters of what you want to do.

A trip to Europe is always fun. The main sites in Europe are going to reopen. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, and Big Ben in London will all open back up to tourists. Think about what your priorities are. While you are in Europe, you might want to plan a trip to a glamourous European casino. Casinos in Europe are not the same as going to Vegas. All over Europe you can see architecture that was created by some of the great minds in the world, and a trip to the casino can give you a taste of that.

Planning your Next Trip

You might have extra time on your hands as you stay at home and wait out Covid-19. That is the perfect time to plan your next trip. Maybe start small. Think about a road trip to somewhere new just a few hours away where you have never been.

Car rides are going to be the easiest form of travel in the beginning stages of the world opening back up. Next you might want to fly somewhere within your own country. Test the waters of air travel by going somewhere not too far away, and that doesn’t involve using a passport or traveling internationally. Start small, and plan to be patient, and in no time at all you will be going to all of the places on your bucket list!

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