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Most travellers take too much for their first Australia trip, according to the motto: "The dream destination is far away and you might only get there once, so let's pack in as much as possible". As a European, you hardly have any idea of the size and vastness of the country when you visit Australia for the first time. Australia is as big as the continental USA (without Alaska), and no one would try to go around the USA in three weeks.

Limited travel time requires planning! With the limited vacation time available, the question arises of how this huge continent should be explored in three, four, five or six weeks - a period which corresponds to the usual vacation time. Especially the travellers who are on the road with a vehicle (no matter if camper, rental car or own vehicle) should plan an approximate route. It is certainly not always necessary to determine the daily stages in detail in advance, but usually, there is a "near compulsion" to plan the route due to flight dates for domestic and long-haul flights and the rental days of the vehicles. Of course, it doesn’t mean you need to become exhausted by planning. If you are tired, you can always enjoy the best online casino Australia on the Internet or visit one of many Australian land-based casinos such as Casino in Adelaide or the Crown Casino.

And just one more example: the distance from Cairns to Sydney is about 2,700 km by the direct route. With a few detours to tourist attractions, however, you already come to about 3,300 km. For this, you should plan more than 13 days if you don't want to sit in the car for more than 200 km every day and only want to see the main roads, cities, gas stations and hotels.

Australia's sights and attractions are rarely located directly on the highway! What makes Australia worth seeing is the nature, the beaches, the animals, the rainforests and the outback. Often you have to plan for longer journeys, even if it's just a detour from the highway, which can be 250 or 30 km long. And time is an important factor! That you can't see everything even in six months is undoubtedly not a new insight. The continent is huge and even with unlimited travel time would always have something new in-store and bring the unknown to light.

Combining different means of transport would be also a great idea! The possibilities to combine different means of transport are almost unlimited in Australia. Aeroplanes, cars, trains, buses and ships are often in direct competition with each other, so ultimately personal taste, time and wallet decide. And due to the different climatic zones that cross Australia, different travel times apply to different areas. These should be considered when planning your trip.

Travel planning and suggestions

With the usual 3-4 weeks travel time, one should concentrate on a few areas and operate with flight connections within the country. In addition, the possibility of an open-jaw flight should be considered to avoid entering and leaving the same place. Rental cars/off-road vehicles/camper vans or shorter building block programs or excursions can be booked at the respective locations to get to know the surroundings with local tour guides.

So, plan a trip to Australia generously and not to the minute. And don’t forget it is your vacation! Do not pack all the highlights of the continent into the tight travel time. Courage to the gap and the experience result turns out better! Here and there a few free days should be planned to relax and recover.

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