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Safety Tips and Recommendations for Traveling to Australia

If you’ve never traveled to Australia before, you’re in for the most exciting and amazing time of your life. It is among the best travel destinations in the world, offering many mesmerizing things to see.

If you’ve booked your flight and reserved your stay, let’s discuss some of the safety tips and recommendations that should keep you safe on your traveling adventures. Any trip includes some of the dangers and hazards you should know about, and a trip to Australia isn’t any different. Read on to find out how to stay safe in Australia while visiting the most incredible locations around the country.

Wear Sunscreen

Japan may be the land of the rising sun, but that’s nothing compared to the sun in Australia. Trust us when we say that you’ll need extra protective sunscreen to mitigate the incredibly intense sun.

The local authorities advise residents and visitors to wear an SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion for skin protection from UV and other harmful sun rays.

It’s also essential to stay constantly hydrated. Always carry a bottle of water with you and try to stay out of the sun during the middle of the day.

Our recommendation: Get breathable clothing, sunglasses, and a good sun hat to cover your head on hotter and extra sunny days.

Be Mindful of Your Belongings

Regardless of what you do or where you are, always take care of your belongings. Even though Australia’s crime rate is low, big cities are always full of different people, and anything can happen when you least expect it.

So, always be cautious, regardless of where you are in the world. It’s much better to come prepared than to leave things to chance. You should always know where your belongings are. Keep them close and only take the most necessary items with you.

Leave your valuables, cash, and credit cards safely stored in a deposit box. Also, never leave your wallet, phone, or other valuable possessions in the open. Avoid visiting suspicious neighborhoods and streets without some company.

Our recommendation: Have a tour guide or someone local you can trust with you at all times. Ask around in the hotel where you’re staying about the best tourist-friendly places, including the places you should avoid.

Be Ready for the Outback

If you’re not a resident, it will be somewhat hard to understand the scale of Australia’s outback. There are thousands of miles of epic landscapes and sights to behold, with only a few villages and towns in between.

We’re pointing this out because you need to be prepared if you’re about to take an outback road trip. If you watched Mad Max, you know how desolate Australian highways and roads can really be. So, you’ll need water and provisions to last a few days, as well as spare gas for the road.

You’ll also need proper and adequate equipment to check the engine if something goes wrong or change a tire. It would be wise to notify someone of your travel plans just to make sure you get help if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Our recommendation: We strongly recommend that you take a rent-a-car tour to the outback if you’re curious about seeing the landscape and the wildlife.

These agencies have adapted vehicles and personnel who are professionals in the bushes and know how to handle any situation. In addition, they can also share some of the local folklore and stories to make the trip even more enjoyable.

Protect Your Digital Assets

Regardless of where you’re traveling, a VPN should always be your way of establishing a safe internet connection. Chances that you’ll want to get online and check your email, messages, social media, and stay in touch with your family, as well as plan your trip and where to go next.

Most people use public Wi-Fi networks, but they aren’t aware of how dangerous hotspots can be to their privacy. To avoid taking any chances, download and install a VPN and enjoy a safe internet connection on-demand. A VPN helps prevent any third parties from getting your private and financial data. To achieve this goal, VPNs encrypt traffic and perform IP spoofing. Also, it can change your location to a virtual one and that way you may reach anything with geo-restrictions.

Take Precautions When Bushwalking

Bushwalking and hiking are extremely popular in Australia. If you feel up for it, it would be wise to plan some things ahead to keep yourself safe. Consider hiring a guide, or someone experienced who knows where to go and what areas to avoid.

Australia has vibrant wildlife with a lot of dangerous species, snakes, spiders, crocs, etc. Have an emergency number ready just in case you need to receive immediate medical care.


Now that you know some of the basic things about Australia, you can plan on your trip ahead to make sure your trip turns into one of those most memorable and exciting experiences ever. Just be mindful of yourself and local dangers, and you will be fine. Don’t forget to have a good time with your Australian adventure. Small note: while traveling might be unavailable or restricted at the moment, remember these tips for when things return to normal.

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