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The 7 Most Beautiful Destinations In Australia

Sunset over Byron Bay
Sunset over Byron Bay

Whether you’re coming to Australia for work or play, be prepared to want to stay. With so much natural beauty, it’s no wonder so many people have chosen to relocate here. So, no matter your reason for visiting, we thought we’d inspire you with our list of the 7 most beautiful destinations in Australia.

Byron Bay

This famous Australian holiday destination has a lot to offer tourists but is also a fantastic place to settle if you love beach life and the outdoors. Byron Bay has it all: surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Experience beautiful beachscapes as you set out for a bit of whale watching. Or bask in the splendour of that magnificent sunset. We can understand you dreaming of calling this paradise your home. And with the skills of an experienced buyers agent property here does not have to be a dream.


Walhalla began its life as a small mining town in the country’s gold rush, but these days it is sparsely populated. Step into the past in this charming mountainside town with its exquisite forest scenery.

Only a handful of people call this picturesque town their permanent home, although many holiday properties can be found here. This perfectly preserved forested town stands as a testament to the hopes and dreams of early settlers.


Broome is known for its stunning natural scenery, but it’s also a thriving and multicultural town. Situated on Western Australia's tropical Kimberley Coast, and bordered by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, it is a popular getaway for locals.

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One of Australia's most appealing resort towns, it is also a wonderful place to settle if you’d enjoy warm weather year-round. But be prepared for seeing a lot of Australia’s wildlife, and a vibrant social life too.


A beacon for gold seekers in the gold rush of the 1800s, Kalgoorlie has even more treasures above the earth than below. Eucalyptus forests dot the landscape, where grand heritage buildings tell a tale of fortune and fame.

While mining is still the main commodity here, Kalgoorlie has a great community life and boasts several social events for its residents. The most desirable areas to settle would be Hannans, Lamington and Somerville.


This once thriving riverport still has plenty of visitors, keen on exploring the peaceful scenery and historic buildings. Many of these have been lovingly restored and repurposed as art galleries and inns, to serve the interests of fascinated tourists.

But unlike most tourist destinations, Goolwa is a quiet and peaceful town. With a warm summer-Meditteranean climate and friendly locals, you’ll have a great time whether on an extended stay or just passing through.

Properties here are spacious with large gardens, the beach is close by, and there is a wide range of facilities and amenities. Thanks to rapid expansion over the last few years, Goolwa is now the ideal place for a holiday or to make a home.


For the most beachfront in the country, make your way to the small town of Esperance. Home of the world-renowned Pink Lake (previously known as Lake Spencer), Esperance has much to offer the discerning tourist.

Calling all avid surfers. Head to the beach and ride the world’s heaviest wave, the Cyclop, if you dare. Or hang out with the kangaroos in Cape Le Grand National Park.

But you may find that you love it so much here, that you want to stay. Esperance has a buzzing community life with a temperate climate, pristine beaches, good schools and some very affordable homes.

Alice Springs

No visit to Australia would be complete without a foray into the Outback, and Alice Springs is the ideal starting point. A significant number of the indigenous people of Australia call this town their home. Their rich culture can be seen everywhere in the traditional artisan goods on display and for sale.

The MacDonnell Ranges stretch out along the striking ochre landscape, watching over the inhabitants in silence. Be sure to make your way to the Standley Chasm. There you will be treated to a glorious light show, as the sun passes through the crevice at midday.

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