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Tips For Using Bitcoin in Australia

Australia is one of few countries worldwide that has, in recent times, started opening up cryptocurrency payments in physical locations. Therefore, when travelling, you can now pay for goods and services with more than just physical or contactless cash. Are you already investing in Bitcoin?

Then it may be a good idea to learn more about how you can use crypto across Australia. Bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted for a variety of means. As this cryptocurrency blog examines, it is even common for online casinos to accept digital currency!

When visiting Australia, here are a few cryptocurrency tips to keep in mind.

Trade at Your Local Post Office

Fantastic news in the recent press suggests that you can now pay for and trade in Bitcoin at thousands of Australian Post Offices. The new move affects over 3,500 branches, backed by That means that if you’d like to pay for Bitcoin using fiat or physical money, you can do so at one of many PO locations across the country.

This scheme aims to help bring Bitcoin safely into the mainstream. It’s a move which means that, if you’d prefer to trade your dollars for crypto to use in shops across the country, it’s easier to do so than ever before.

Shop at IGA

Another huge bonus for Australian shoppers is the fact that you can now trade in cryptocurrency at IGA grocery stores across the country. In 2019, an agreement between TravelByBit and IGA emerged, allowing digital payments in-store. Specifically, you will be able to pay using Binance Coin, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

This motion applies to over 1,400 different grocery stores cross-country. Therefore, you will now be able to trade in physical currency at a Post Office for digital money that you can use at your local IGA. That is excellent news for travellers and visitors from overseas.

IGA’s adoption is one of many physical moves to bring Bitcoin to the Australian masses. Regulation changes now mean that you can leave your card and cash at home if you want to.

Where Else Can You Use Bitcoin in Australia?

While it’s great that you can use crypto at IGAs across the country, it’s also worth noting that there are more than a few additional brands which are widely accepting crypto. You can pay for food, drink, and entertainment alike.

For example, if you have a taste for some fast food while travelling, Subway Australia accepts crypto payments. Specifically, more than 1,400 Australian units will let you pay with digital money.

If you’re travelling in Sydney, you may wish to check-in at the Old Fitzroy or the Metropolitan Hotel. Whether popping in for a drink or a room for the night, you can pay for it all with Bitcoin. In Melbourne, popular brands such as Altius Coffee and Hero will let you pay for refreshment with crypto.

If you’d like to hire a bike to get around on, you should also check into Urban Velocity in Melbourne centre. It’s one of few specialist bike shops that accept a wide range of currencies. Bitcoin is included!

Out in Brisbane, you can even pay for car hire with Bitcoin at Alpha Car Hire, and a new haircut at the Lawless Salon in Fortitude Valley.

Flexible Payments Cross-Country

Ready to start using Bitcoin across Australia? There are more ways than a little for you to start using cryptocurrency Down Under. Trade-in coin at a Post Office, and feel free to visit a variety of shops, stores, and services to freely spend at. Digital currency is the future!

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