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Top 5 Australian Directors in Hollywood

Australian cinema is always worth our attention primarily because of its actors and directors. The release of The Expendables 3 in 2014 is another example of how big Hollywood attracts talent worldwide. It was directed by Australian Patrick Hughes, who had previously directed the wonderful Australian western Red Hill. Hughes is Australia's most recent example of continuous creative export. To Hollywood, from here they bring not only solid Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, but also people who are ready to stand behind the camera and command them. Let's take a look at relatively recent examples of Australian directors, who have successfully converted their talents into astonishing careers in Hollywood.

Andrew Dominik

Strictly speaking, Andrew Dominik is a New Zealander, and you can’t call his career very successful. Two films with Brad Pitt, shot by him after moving to America, were warmly received by critics. However, one of them about Jesse James is simply one of the best films. The name Dominik is now actively considered one of the greatest ones in the history of Australian cinematography.

His film Killing Them Softly is also the one worth mentioning. This is a movie that primarily revolves around gambling and Dominik put a lot of energy into directing it. As movies about gambling draw a lot of interest, Dominik made it perfect in every way. In general, lovers of such movies and gambling can visit Hellspin casino and try different games that will make them more excited.

James Wan

A graduate of the Royal Melbourne College of Technology James Wan made his breakthrough in 2000. Together with his friend Leigh Whannell, who played one of the roles, the low-budget horror Stygian (an adjective for the name of the river Styx), became one of the most popular movies. Four years later, they offered New Line Cinema a short film about a girl with a trap on her head, and Saw was born.

James Wan is a kind of director who has a lot of creativity. His movies carry extraordinary and unique elements that will delight a lot of lovers of cinema. Conjuring is another great example of his repertoire.

Phillip Noyce

Noyce got to Hollywood back in the early 90s, in the wake of the success of his thriller Dead Calm with Sam Neill, Billy Zane and a young Nicole Kidman. Thanks to the success of Patriot Games, the film adaptation of Tom Clancy's novel, in which Harrison Ford took on the role of titular analyst Jack Ryan, Noyce was recorded first of all as a first-class action master. However, his career also had strange twists and turns, like the film adaptation of Graham Greene's famous novel The Quiet American and the melancholy Australian drama Rabbit-Proof Fence.

Alex Proyas

Proyas has been in Hollywood for twenty years - his first work was the now legendary The Crow with Brandon Lee. Since then, Proyas has developed a reputation for dark and complex films, although he also easily took on big-budget action films like I, Robot with Will Smith. In the past couple of years, Proyas has tried to launch a large-scale film adaptation of the famous poem Paradise Lost, but so far to no avail.

Peter Weir

Weir came to Hollywood not as a promising newcomer, but as a man with five films under his belt, and his very first Hollywood work, Witness with Harrison Ford, earned the director an Oscar nomination for directing. Later, he was nominated three more times - for Dead Poets Society, The Truman Show and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, but he never won.

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