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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is a place where natural attractions are combined with cosy restaurants, national museums with modern pubs, fitness clubs with land-based casinos, where you can play the “fowl play slot” and quiet streets with crowded dance halls. It is not a city of contradictions. Sydney is a rather multifaceted city. It opens to tourists from different angles, and it is stunning from each of them.

This city has more than four million residents, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia as it attracts over 30 million tourists every year. If you are going to Sydney, you should know the places worth visiting.

Visit Opera House

When you think of Australia, the Opera House is probably the first thing that comes to mind. When playing Monopoly, you can even buy it. So, this place is familiar to each of us. The Opera House is a UNESCO world heritage that looks impressive during the daytime and is illuminated beautifully at night.

Opera House Sydney

It was built to “help mould a better and more enlightened community”. The Sydney Opera House has been home to the most talented and greatest artists and performances. The Opera House was opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1973. Since that time, this building has served as a meeting place for matters of local and even international significance. Now the Opera House is a multipurpose art facility where symphony concerts, music shows, and choir performances take place. So, step inside and discover why this place is rightly considered to be a masterpiece.

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is another popular Sydney attraction. The museum was founded in 1827, and it is considered the nation’s first museum. Today, there are more than 21 million scientific specimens and cultural objects in the museum collection. The Australian Museum has hosted all its exhibitions since 1854 till this day. There are permanent, temporary, and touring exhibitions. For example, the most impressive ones are “Dinosaurs from China”, “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”, and “Festival of the Dreaming”.

Australia Museum

You can visit the museum for free. Free general admission includes entry to all permanent exhibitions and the Prehistoric Playground, which is open daily and offers various activities for children of all ages. They can visit a fossil lab and an interactive dinosaur design station.

Queen Victoria Building

The Queen’s Victoria Building is a five-level shopping mall located in the heart of Sydney. It is a late nineteenth-century building designed by George McRae. The historical building occupies a part of George Street and offers a wide selection of clothes, perfumes, jewellery, and even homewares. If you are tired of wandering around the shopping centre, you may look into the cafe and drink a cup of tea or something stronger. The central feature of the building is the mighty dome, which is occupied by a Christmas Tree during winter holidays — a must-see for any tourist.


The Queen’s Victoria Building can boast stained glass windows and the original 19th-century staircase sits alongside the dome.

Manly Beach

Looking for the best beach in the city? Manly Beach is probably the most famous beach in Sydney. It was the place of the first surfing contest held in 1964. The beach was named by Capt. Arthur Phillip for the indigenous people living there. Manly beach is covered by golden sand, and it stretches up to 1,5 kilometres. This beach is lined by magnificent Norfolk pines stretching from South Steyne to North Steyne and Queenscliff.

This place is an excellent combination of a sandy beach on one side and harbour coves — on the other.

Manly Beach

The big advantage of the Manly beach resort is that there are hundreds of activities available. But mainly, it is the house of water sports like surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving.

Not only can you try active water sports there, but also ride a bike, stroll, jog, and even rollerblade.

If you are tired, you may take some food in the local cafes and restaurants.

Street Art of Newtown

Sydney has unique places you’ll find nowhere in the world. One of such places is the inner west suburb of Newtown in South Wales. Since the 1980s, the district has been famous for graffiti and street art on walls. You will see various styles and methods of execution. For example, murals, hand-painted slogans, spray-painted abstract designs, and numerous other masterpieces.

Manly Beach

Newtown is a magnet for creative people and young blood. Today it is the coolest neighbourhood in Sydney and probably in Australia.

There are many modern pubs, cafes, and restaurants. One of the most popular ones is Young Henry's brewery. There you can enjoy music, arts, and culture and, of course, try the range of beers. For instance, seasonal brews, German beer, UK cider, and Scottish gin.

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