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Top Pokies Strategies

If you want to be a big winner at real money casinos, then the online pokies are where you can find some of the best content. Pokies are among one of the most popular types of gambling games you can get access to on the Trueblue casino login page, coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They provide the most entertaining gameplay with unique gameplay features, some including 3-dimensional graphics. If you want to become an expert pokie player, then here are a few strategies in which you can improve your skills. As a result, you may find yourself having more fun as well as gaining more money.


Activate All the Paylines

You must land combinations on the pay lines to win money by getting at least three of the same symbols in a row. The more pay lines you have, the more options you have in landing combinations on the reel grid. If you want the maximum winning potential, you must keep the pay lines active. For some slots, this does increase the bet you make, but the wins you can, in turn, are more than worth it. Slots can have between a total of 5 to hundreds of pay lines active in one game.

Don’t Be Afraid of Max Bet

The maximum bet you can make in a game can differ depending on the slot you are playing. If the max bet reaches the hundreds, it can seem rather daunting to place such a big amount in the hopes of a big win. However, sometimes a max bet can be just what you need to turn the tables. This doesn’t permit you to play the game recklessly, however, as you should save these max bets for the time when you need them. Patience will be rewarded when you time your bets accordingly.

Complex Features May Lower Your Chances

Sometimes, slots that have exciting bonus features can create some amazing moments. That is, however, if the bonuses themselves are easy to follow and don’t require too many criteria. If the bonuses include reaching a certain number of symbols or having to reach a specific number of wins, this could waste time. You could be earning the regular wins in the meantime and make your bets count that much more. This can be even worse if the player is given options that could lose all their winnings. Here are a few examples of bonuses that could cost you more:

• Pick-me feature
• Gamble feature
• Level system

The gamble feature can be the most damaging to your finances as it requires the biggest risks. The aim is to play a bonus game and bet all of the winnings you currently have. If you win the game, your rewards are doubled, but you will lose everything if you play the game incorrectly. If you find yourself exhausting your funds trying to complete the bonus requirements, then it may be best to switch to a simpler game. Some real money pokies have simple combinations, and that is it.

Always Try Free Play

Free play is a promotional movement that gives players a chance to play pokies without having to spend any real money. This gives you plenty of time to play the game and learn everything you can about how it works. It can also give you an excuse to test the game as well to see if it has any problems or a low RTP rating. Most online slots will come with a free version for you to play, as software providers will use these versions as a free trial. Any feedback they gain can be used to either fix the problems of these slots or to improve any new titles they are currently making.

You can find free versions to play on the official websites of software providers. Not only will they sometimes offer a demo, but they will also provide additional details you may not learn by just playing. Some online review sites will also let you try a free demo along with the review they have written on the game. This can be a way for you to see for yourself what the game entails instead of just trusting the sole opinion of a reviewer.

Pay Attention to RTP

RTP is a way for players to determine how likely they are to win a slot game. RTP stands for Return-To-Player and is a calculation that is usually marked with a percentage. IT roughly estimates how likely you are to win back the money you have already spent. For example, if you have a slot with 96% RTP and you bet $10, it means you have a 96% chance of winning that $10 back. High RTP is always a good thing and should be the first piece of information to look for.

Volatility is Another Factor

RTP and volatility are the two most important aspects of slot games. Volatility is another setting entirely and is also determined by a different measurement. Volatility determines how risky and how rewarding a slot game is, with the two factors working in tandem. High volatility means a slot is high risk but has much bigger rewards. Low volatility means that the game has minimal risk, but the rewards aren’t as big. Some games have medium volatility, which acts as an average setting recommended for players of varying skill levels.

Choose Slots with Coins

The betting of certain pokies can be different depending on the version you are playing. Some slots provide more options for you to bet with, allowing you to make more specific calculations. This includes not only changing the number of coins you use, but you can also change the size of the coins. In addition, some slots will come with their calculation setting so it can tell you exactly how much you are betting. This can give you greater financial control and can help you plan out better how much your deposit is being used.

Learn to Walk Away

It is always best to know what your limits are, not just with this game but with all other types of gambling. This is the common rule for any gambler, and even more so when it comes to pokies. Slot machines tend to just eat up money to keep all the reels spinning. If you ever find yourself burning through that money at an alarming rate, walking away is always considered the wiser option. Nothing good will come from wasting your money for the sheer hope you will earn a big win and make all that money back.

Find Further Strategies with Friends

While many of these strategies are helpful, some players have discovered many other tips and tricks. Sharing your knowledge with others through online casinos is not only a great way to make friends but another way to get better. You can join up with others in land-based casinos, too, as slot machines are prevalent in Australian casinos. You may find yourself in a much better position if you can land the support of others to more players. Create a community of play and gather skilled allies to become the best pokie player of them all.

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