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Travelling Cairns: 6 Tips For The Perfect Cairns Getaway

Cairns is a great holiday destination and the perfect getaway if you have a lot of time or only a little bit of time on your hands. There is so much to do for solo travellers, couples and especially families looking for Cairns holiday packages. Whether it’s your first trip to Cairns or you’re returning in search of something else hello, here are six tips for the perfect Cairns getaway.

1. Pre-book as much as you can

Cairns is not only a popular spot for Australians, but it also gets a lot of international interest. This means you should book as much as you can in advance. This includes accommodation, but it also means any scuba-diving adventures or water activities you have planned. The Great Barrier Reef is absolutely exquisite, but it is in demand by a lot of travellers, so you want to make sure you reserve a spot on a boat and on a diving expedition. Remember when you make a booking to ask what areas you will see, what time of the day you will set out, and anything you need to prepare for your trip.

2. Visit the rainforests

The Great Barrier Reef might be the key destination you are looking to visit, but don’t forget to see all the fabulous rainforests. Cairns' tropical climate and environment are a sight to behold, and there is nothing more beautiful than getting lost in the rainforest in Cairns. The Daintree is a great place to start as this is a stunning representation of Australia’s rainforest, and you’ll be able to see some incredible wildlife interacting in the Daintree. Remember to bring some good walking shoes as the paths, bridges, and terrain can get a little bit slippery and mossy at certain parts of the year. You might also want to wear a windbreaker and something that might protect you from the sprinkling rain and moisture in the air.

3. Go chasing waterfalls

Cairns has some truly breathtaking waterfalls, and the climate is warm enough that you just might want to take a dive in. You could spend a whole trip visiting and chasing all these waterfalls, but here is our top list of places to go. Start with Barron Falls, Josephine Falls, Stoney Creek Falls and Emerald Creek. You should always act with caution in any body of water in Cairns as they might be crocodiles, so be sure to do some research ahead of time so you won’t be too tempted to have a swim. That said, some of these spots have very shallow water and rock pools you can enjoy without the threat of crocodiles, but make sure you know which one is which!

4. Visit other parts of Queensland

Cairns has more than enough to occupy you on holiday, but if you plan to visit some other destinations in Queensland, this is absolutely possible. You can get a very short flight or do a drive and get to see other parts of the sunshine state. Brisbane offers a lot of fun and attraction for travellers, and the Gold Coast is a fabulous beach destination. You might also wish to visit some of the hinterland spots, too - whatever you choose. When you begin planning your Cairns escape, see what other spots you can fit into your holiday planning.

5. Pack for a tropical vacation

We tend to forget that there are tropical destinations in Australia, especially if you live in a part of Australia that is so far from a tropical environment. This means that you should be packing summer clothes that are made from breathable material so that you can beat the heat, and you also want to pack some quality sunscreen. Aim for SPF 50+ as it can get very hot, and you are even more likely to get burnt if you are spending time out on the water. A great hat and sunglasses will also serve you well, and also some shoes that are easy to get on and off and let your feet breathe - thongs or light sneakers.

6. Seafood feast

You can’t enjoy a beach escape without enjoying a seafood feast! There are many restaurants and cafes that will be able to satiate your cravings, and if you get up early enough in the morning, you will see the fisherman getting up and heading to get their catch. You might be having their catch for lunch if you are lucky. Why not try something different in Cairns, or find out what is the best local bite so you can eat like royalty. Of course, seafood always pairs best with a tropical cocktail, so be sure to treat yourself to one or two!

Are you ready for your Cairns adventure? There is so much to explore in this holiday destination, to start packing and planning your tropical escape!

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