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Exploring The Benefits Of Luggage Shipping

If you’re about to make a long journey, whether that’s for work, pleasure or perhaps you’re moving house, you’ve probably already thought about how much stuff you need to take with you.

Between airline restrictions and the practicality of actually carrying multiple bags, filling up three suitcases just isn’t possible. And if you’re travelling as a family or large group, well, then you really have got your work cut out for you.

But have you heard of luggage shipping services?

These shipping providers allow you to set a time and date for collection and then send your luggage ahead to your chosen destination.

Sounds pretty great, right?

However, trusting someone else with your worldly possessions can seem daunting, especially if you're moving house or travelling long-term and your life is in those bags.

That is why we’ve put together this guide.

Below, we’re going to explore the benefits of using a luggage shipping service, so you can transform your travel experience now and long into the future.

No more waiting at the baggage check-in desk

Picture the scene, you arrive at the airport well-rested and bag-free. You walk straight through doors, no need for a trolley and you head straight past the long line of travellers all waiting to check in their bags.

You go straight to security, show them your passport and head on through the gates. Now you have plenty of time to browse the shops, grab some food and just relax.

Well, those dreams can become a reality with luggage shipping services. There will be no more waiting in line, long queues and stressful starts. You can simply saunter on through feeling stress-free.

And when you reach the other side? You won’t have to wait once again at baggage claim for your bags to come around. You just get on with your onward travel.

You don’t have to obsess over bag weight and fees

Let’s set up another scenario. You’re at home, meticulously folding your clothes and painstakingly weighing your bag after you add each item.

The last thing you want is to do get caught out on the weight of your bags again and end up paying more extortionate airline fees.

But guess what, with a luggage shipping service you don’t have to do that. You simply pack, weigh your bags, let the provider know how much they weigh collectively and your price is set.

The last thing you want when travelling is to spend the first part of your journey worrying that staff are going to call you out on your bags and charge you an extra fee. So do away with that stress and choose a shipping service instead.

Stop stressing about the potential loss or damage to your luggage

Having your luggage returned to you damaged is very frustrating, but it’s even worse if it’s lost completely.

While the chances are relatively low, in 2022, some 26 million pieces of luggage were lost, delayed or damaged during transit. So as you can see, the risk is real.

But when using a luggage shipping service, your bags will be collected from your chosen location at your chosen time and delivered right to your door (whichever door that may be). Often, you are given the option to track your bags as well.

This drastically reduces the risk of anything going wrong as the shipping providers are dedicated to making sure your bags reach their final destination safely and on time.

You can pack what you like

Is there anything more awkward than the airport staff having to open your suitcase and rummage through your belongings?

Unfortunately, sometimes misidentified or curious objects can cause the security team to dig a little deeper.

Sure, you know you have nothing illegal to hide, but you'd rather your underwear and bag of dirty clothes stayed private from your fellow travellers nonetheless.

If you ship your bags ahead, you don’t have to limit the amount of liquids you pack and you won't have to stress about your bags being opened and examined in front of a crowd.

Sure, this doesn’t mean you can fill your bags with illegal or dangerous items! But there is more privacy involved and you won’t have to restrict yourself as much when you're packing.

You won’t have to lug your bags about with you

Let’s move away from air travel at this point, because let’s face it, you don’t have to be flying somewhere to benefit from a shipping provider.

Trying to find space for multiple bags on the train or bus is no picnic either, shoving as much as you can in overhead compartments or trying to claw back some leg room from under your seat.

Plus, you’ll have to get your bags on and off your chosen transport when you reach your stop which is always a pain, especially if you're trying to hop off the train at your stop.

But if you ship your bags ahead and travel light, your journey will be far more pleasant, no matter how you choose to make it.

You can take back some control

Travelling can be one of the most incredible and life-changing experiences you’ll ever have, but it can also be unpredictable.

No matter how well you plan, you can’t anticipate everything. For example, bad weather could delay your flight or cause your train to be cancelled. Now you're waiting around for a solution, lugging about your heavy bags.

This is frustrating enough as an adult, but if you've got kids in tow, it can be even more draining.

Shipping your luggage ahead gives you the freedom to roam about, safe in the knowledge that your bags are being taken care of by someone else.

And ultimately, it gives you back a little bit of control in a situation that is otherwise out of your hands.

Need we say anymore?

There are so many benefits to shipping your luggage ahead with the key being that it can make your travel experience far more relaxed and enjoyable.

So this year, no matter where you’re going and how long for, consider using a trusted shipping provider to start your trip off right.

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