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Best small board games to take on your next road trip across Australia

It's hard to find a place that can beat Australia when it comes to the variety of scenic road trips you can take. The coastline alone is close to 25,000 miles long. You could literally spend an entire year driving around the coastline before you come back for a full circle. But such long road trips required a lot of planning. Apart from essentials, you might want to bring along something for fun and entertainment. Luckily, there are plenty of options out there. Board games are a great alternative source of fun, so let's take a look at what's on the market.

Fun Packed in Familiar Boxes

You're probably expecting to see Monopoly, chess, and other usual suspects here. And you would be right. After all, why not? These are the games we're all familiar with. Plus, they're easy to learn even if you've never played one. If you go to Amazon and sort board games by best sellers, you will get something like this:

Connect 4 Classic Grid Board Game

The game Connect 4 is a strategic classic. You compete with another player, and whoever fills the row first wins. It's easy to carry, convenient to play even on the move, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Scrabble Travel Edition

This version of Scrabble comes in a very compact wooden box with magnets, made specifically for playing on the go.

Battleship Grab and Go

Battleships are just fun to play. And thanks to Hasbro, now you can buy a very portable edition that's super easy to store and take with you.

Magnetic Travel Checkers Board

Magnetic boards that close in two are perfect for road trips, and checkers is an all-time classic that nothing can beat. Did someone say chess?

Magnetic Travel Chess Set

We can't mention checkers without mentioning chess. There are plenty of sets that come in travel-friendly packages so pick something suitable for your taste.

Monopoly Grab and Go Game — Travel Size

Nurture a capitalist in you with Monopoly Grab and Go. This travel-sized version is perfect for long journeys, as Monopoly games can last for hours.

Sometimes You Have to Try New Stuff

Now that we've cleared good old classics out of the way, let's see the alternatives. The board and card game market is still huge, so there is no shortage of options. Here are some less-known road trip board games you (probably) would never consider taking with you. They're just as fun as previous mentions!

Aussie Trivia Challenge Tin Card Game

Why not test your knowledge about Australia while you're road-tripping? Aussie Trivia Challenge is a fun card game packed in a small tin box you can easily carry with you.

Gambling Electronic Travel Game Pack

Australia is a vast country, and reception is sometimes limited. If you're an avid gamer, you might have a hard time accessing Australian online casino, so these hand-held casino games like slot machines or blackjack are a great alternative.

Taco vs. Burrito

Believe it or not, this strategic family card game was created by a 7-year-old. As you can imagine, it's creative and incredibly fun to play on the go. It was even awarded Tillywig toy awards.

Smart Zone Games Hive Pocket

We know you've probably always wanted to try a combination of Catan and chess, so here you go. Smart Zone Games Hive is exactly that. You need a flat surface to play though, so it's good for stop breaks.

And there you have it. A list of portable, fun games for the whole family. Driving for hours in dusty red Outback doesn't have to be boring. Make sure to stay safe, and happy travelling!

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