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How To Choose The Right Pokies For You

When it comes to overall sheer popularity, there are few other industries that quite match up to the online pokies industry. Consider that the once simple slot machine has been transformed into one of the most profitable ventures of all time, with billions of players across the world, thousands of casinos, and tens of thousands of pokies games and variants on the market.

What this means for you as the player is that if you’re a pokies player in the 21st century, you have access to more pokies games than anyone ever before - and while this is generally considered a good thing by most seasoned players looking to maximise their profits, it can be a lot of info to process if you’re new to it all. Thankfully, knowing what to look for in a pokies game can make choosing the right one that much simpler.

1. Choose One From A Trusted Source

This is one of the first mistakes that a lot of beginner players make: they choose a random pokies machine that’s offered by an unknown casino site. The problem with choosing at random means that you’ll never know if the machine you’re playing is under any kind of regulation, making it easy for bad actors to tweak the random number generator engine strongly in favour of the house.

What that ultimately means for you is that you’re almost guaranteed to lose the game you’re playing, and most of your money is going to go to the casino. Avoid this scenario completely by only playing pokies that are offered by well-known, licenced, and regulated online casinos.

2. Try And Aim For Progressive Jackpots

Another way to make your pokies adventures a lot more rewarding is by playing progressive jackpot machines as much as possible. This might not always be possible, but at the rate that progressive jackpot online pokies are gaining popularity across the world, it won’t be long before every second machine is linked to a large jackpot.

And this isn’t a bad thing. Progressive jackpots have become one of the very best ways of winning large amounts of money when compared to conventional, standalone machines. Consider that a progressive jackpot might be worth millions at any given time, and the longer the prize remains unwon, the larger it becomes. There are a lot of players out there that became millionaires overnight due to winning a big progressive jackpot pool.

3. Use The Paytable

If you’re not aware, the paytable is the section of a pokies machine that describes the various combination possibilities and what their specific payouts are. This is an important table to know before starting with a game, and more seasoned players can take a quick glance at once and decide whether a pokie is worth their time or not. Form the habit of checking out the paytable of a pokies machine you’re interested in before making any financial investments.

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