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How to Win Free Travel with Online Casinos

Perhaps you know but the slot fever has been around for ages. Your great grandparents, and even before that, had to travel to pull the levers of big machines somewhere in smoky bars and pubs. A lot has changed since then. This is the story of how the slot machine evolved over the years.

Wouldn’t it be great to play your favourite casino games and travel for free in return? Thankfully, this is possible on some platforms.

Below, we’ll divulge the secret of how to win free travel with online casinos.

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What is the Free Travel Reward?

A casino travel reward is anything from free hotel stays, discounted rooms and spa treatments, free flights or car rentals, etc.

Where to Find the Free Travel Rewards?

You can find free travel rewards at Aussie casinos with a presence both online and offline. Alternatively, you can find free travel rewards at offshore casinos.

It can be challenging and time-consuming to go through all online casino VIP programmes in search of travel rewards. So, allow us to give you a ready list of possible places where you can find such offers:

  • The Star Club – The Star Club loyalty programme applies to casinos in the Star Club scheme. To take part in the programme, you have to apply for a membership card. The card will store all the points you’ve earned while playing games at online casinos. You can redeem the points at physical locations like The Star Sydney, The Star Gold Coast, and Treasury Brisbane. Among the prizes are gaming bonuses, accommodation, dining discounts, and more;
  • US offshore platforms: Caesars, MGM, Hyatt, Wynn;
  • Seasonal offers for casino payment methods – Some payment companies occasionally make available travel perks to their most loyal users. It is worth keeping track of these offers;
  • Winning the Lottery – If you win the lottery, that’s free money, which means free travel and much more, doesn’t it?
  • Sweepstake Contests – Free travel rewards are popular for sweepstake games. Some casinos that offer this game have travel bonuses.

How to Win Free Travel?

Once you find a platform that offers free travel, read the terms and conditions carefully. They will give you a clear path on how to win this bonus.

If the bonus is part of the VIP programme, you’ll have to keep earning points until you reach the desired level. Each casino has a different threshold for you to pass to get there. Staying active on the platform is the key.


By keeping the following tips close to heart, you will increase your chances of winning free travel for real.

  • Get familiar with the conditions of the casino offer
  • If you are aiming at a travel reward at an offshore platform, consider the extra expenses for travelling overseas.
  • Stay realistic – Play for fun. The rewards will come in time but don’t get carried away.


Winning free travel is entirely possible at some casinos. Even though the offer is rare, it is available in the VIP programmes of some established Aussie casino brands. Travel rewards may also be available via some payment methods, VIP programmes of offshore platforms, and casinos with sweepstake games.

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