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Looking for a crypto casino? How to find the right provider

Would you like to play in online casinos without handling dollars or euros? You are not alone with this thought. Many people who bet on alternative currencies are also casino players. This causality alone is remarkable, which is why this article also aims to answer the question of why that might be. Once that has been illuminated, it will be concretely about how and where you can find a provider who is equally open to Bitcoin & Co.

Best Crypto Casinos

Similarities between cryptocurrencies and online casinos

In any case, there is a lot that is new in online casinos - games, providers, and the understanding of the service. Visit a stay casino live to learn about all the latest in gambling. In fact, if you think about it, the parallel between online casinos and cryptocurrencies quickly becomes obvious. In each case, they are innovations to a greater or lesser extent.

There have practically always been casinos, and there have also been money and currencies for ages. What both look like is deeply anchored in people's minds. A casino is a gambling parlour, usually quite decadent, that can be recognised as such from a distance. Money, that is coins and notes that people use as a medium of exchange. The "originators" have a monopoly position of some kind and are directed and controlled by a higher authority. Without going into further detail, one can say that money and casinos have a long tradition.

But now someone or something comes along and turns the image that almost everyone associates with the respective term upside down, so to speak. Online casinos emerged, probably around the end of the 1990s, and broke with some traditions. Access was suddenly no longer reserved for a supposed "elite", but for the broad masses. No one of legal age and trustworthy would be turned away by a bouncer, quite the opposite. As for cryptocurrencies, these emerged in 2009 and presented a different kind of financial system that does not operate on a basis of power and control by individuals, as is the case with fiat currencies.

Why are so many casino fans also crypto fans?

Pigeonholing rarely reveals the whole truth, but probably people who are very stuck in older and entrenched thinking patterns will not be found on crypto sites or in online casinos, but rather more traditionally at the bank counter or in the casino in the neighbourhood. For others, however, it is exciting when there is change and things are solved in a novel way. This is why pioneers could be described as courageous and curious, while sceptics may well consider trying out innovations to be crazy or naïve.

Now, however, some years have passed and both former innovations are not so new anymore. They have largely proven themselves, any risks are known and there are professional advisors and security strategies. That is why cryptos and online casinos are now equally accepted and exist parallel to the traditional systems. Nevertheless, it is still the case that you should rather count an open-minded mentality among your characteristics in order to find pleasure in it. It is important to want to get involved with something new and sometimes also to be open to surprises.

These qualities are very often found in casino players. They enjoy it and sometimes seek a certain amount of risk. They are rather freedom-loving, which is why they opt for the online variant of gambling. They also appreciate the uncomplicated nature, self-determination, flexibility and a good degree of anonymity. This simply suits the use of cryptocurrencies very well.

Start with cryptocurrencies because you play in the casino - Is this a good idea?

Getting involved with digital money requires a lot of research and can really turn into a lot of work, especially in the beginning. It can be exhausting and time-consuming if you don't want to make serious mistakes. It may even be that many crypto newbies play in online casinos because they need a break from all the books and advice. One could speculate a lot about which came first, the chicken or the egg. But the fact is that casino players seem to be attracted to cryptocurrencies, as well as vice versa.

However, it is not necessarily advisable to get involved with digital money just because you play at an online casino. While anyone can effortlessly become a fairly experienced gamer within hours, you definitely don't become a crypto trader on the fly. When playing, you can take it easy, you don't even have to pay a stake in every case. Buying coins, on the other hand, is a more serious matter that should not be rushed. However, if you already have coins, it is definitely a good idea to use them for your hobby. In this case, you can consider looking for a suitable crypto casino. This step is dealt with in the next section.

The search for a provider

Search for a provider

First online casinos were established, then cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, both have not only stubbornly fought their way through the early days, but are now respected and readily accepted by many people. It is not yet possible to pay everywhere with cryptocurrencies, and there are also many users who have acquired coins more as a reserve than as a means of payment in everyday life. However, they are extremely well suited for payment transactions on the internet.

Of course, the (not so) new trend has not gone unnoticed by representatives of the gambling industry. Some online casinos are again acting as vanguards and have integrated cryptocurrencies into their payment portfolios. This opens up the possibility for players to actively use their digital money instead of just saving it and hoping that the rates will develop well. So it makes sense and is realistic to look for such an online casino.

The best thing to do is not to search directly on your own, but just try your search engine to find an expert casino portal. Enter search terms such as "online casino comparison crypto" or "casino comparison BTC", depending on whether you have a particular currency in mind. Of course, several gambling providers will be displayed directly and you could theoretically sign up immediately. However, you are strongly advised not to do this, because you will not know whether the offer is genuine or serious. If you fall for a scam and make the first transfer, you will not be able to get your coins back afterwards.

That's why the way via an expert site with reviews and ratings is by far the better one. Once you have landed on a relevant site where you can find independent information about several casino providers with crypto options, you can compare everything at your leisure.

The finishing touches: setting priorities and narrowing down the search

In the best case, you will see a list of several online casinos on the specialist page that are willing to process payments via crypto transfer. You should check again and cross off the providers from your personal list to whom this does not apply or who do not accept your preferred digital currency. Hopefully, there are now several crypto casinos left. The basics would be settled and from now on you don't need to focus further on the financial, but can inquire about other features and characteristics of the provider. A crypto casino should at least be able to keep up with the "normal" casinos in terms of quality, since the specification "crypto" only refers to payment transactions.

Security is still important, that is clear. Check out what is reported about it on the comparison portal! Does the provider have a current gambling licence? If this is the case, it's about the more fun details. It is certainly also very interesting in which language the gaming platform is offered and whether there is a German customer service. Usually there is an integrated live chat that can be contacted at any time without complications. Maybe you can cross out some search results again due to these features and are a bit closer to your decision.

Let's move on: Now it gets fun

So far, the research has still been quite serious, but when looking for a crypto casino, it simply comes down to the fact that you can trust the provider. After all, expert portals help you save time. Imagine having to read the entire T & Cs of several online casinos yourself! Nevertheless, as compensation for the somewhat dry search so far, you can now look into more interesting details.

First of all, you could check whether and which crypto bonus is available at the candidates that have landed on your shortlist. You will certainly get a welcome bonus even if you deposit in coins. Maybe there is even bonus money or free spins for free to start with, the experts will tell you on a good comparison site for online casinos. Also look for where the bonus conditions are as advantageous as possible.

Then, of course, you will be keenly interested in which games are offered, which brands are represented and whether the casino is mobile-compatible. You should be aware that device compatibility with smartphones and tablets can be quite decisive. You can theoretically play anywhere if the conditions are right. Even casino games in the cinema are conceivable, although that would be a rather strange idea and would not speak for the respective film, while conversely it is very interesting which games have made it to the big screen.

Just work through all your requirements, right down to your favourite colour if you must. Your list of suitable online casinos will shrink with each criterion until you finally identify your perfect crypto casino.


As the digital landscape evolves, the convergence of cryptocurrencies and online casinos has ushered in a new era of possibilities and entertainment. The intriguing connection between these two seemingly distinct domains is not just coincidental, but a testament to the shared spirit of innovation that drives them both. In this quest to explore the synergy between cryptocurrencies and online casinos, we delve into the reasons behind their alignment and how to navigate this exciting landscape.

The juxtaposition of traditional casinos and conventional currencies with their modern online counterparts and cryptocurrencies is striking. Yet, upon closer inspection, parallels emerge. Both realms represent innovations that have disrupted established norms. Casinos have long been associated with opulent brick-and-mortar establishments, while money, in the form of coins and notes, has maintained its tangible identity. The advent of online casinos democratized access, extending it to a broader audience. Similarly, cryptocurrencies introduced a decentralized financial system, diverging from the conventional centralized control of fiat currencies.

It's no coincidence that enthusiasts of casino gaming are often drawn to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. These individuals typically possess a spirit of openness and curiosity, thriving on change and innovation. Pioneers embrace the challenge of novelty, while skeptics may deem these shifts unconventional or even reckless. Over time, both innovations have matured, establishing their credibility and overcoming initial skepticism. Despite their mainstream acceptance, an open-minded approach remains essential to fully appreciate their potential.

While online casinos and cryptocurrencies have their merits, combining them requires a more considered approach. The allure of cryptocurrencies for casino players is undeniable—cryptos align with the freedom-loving, risk-taking nature of casino gaming. However, venturing into the world of digital currencies requires research and due diligence, especially for newcomers. Yet, the attraction between these two worlds is evident, manifesting in the growing presence of cryptocurrencies within online casinos.

As you embark on the journey of finding a suitable crypto casino, a strategic approach is vital. Relying on expert portals that offer comprehensive reviews and ratings can save time and ensure a safe exploration. These platforms help you identify reliable crypto casinos that are worth your trust. Features such as security, licensing, customer support, and language options should be scrutinized. An enticing crypto bonus and a diverse range of games, coupled with compatibility across devices, further enhance the gaming experience.

Ultimately, the fusion of cryptocurrencies and online casinos offers a dynamic and engaging way to experience both worlds. Whether you're a crypto enthusiast seeking new avenues for your digital assets or a casino lover intrigued by the prospect of cryptocurrencies, this marriage of innovations provides a platform for exploration and entertainment. With expert guidance, due diligence, and a bit of adventurous spirit, you're poised to embark on a rewarding journey in the realm of crypto casinos.

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