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What Are the Odds of Winning on the Pokies?

Australian online pokies are incredibly exciting, and among the best ways, you can kill some time while potentially pocketing enormous amounts. Even though many players enjoy slot machines in Australia just for fun, the majority play simply for the sake of making money. When this ambitious goal is combined with the dynamic nature of online slot machines, it's easy to see why they tend to become even more popular in the last few years.

But despite spending so much time and funds on various Australian pokies, have you stopped at least once to review your situation a bit more in-depth and understand how significant your chances of winning are? Unfortunately, most players don't do that. And you wouldn't want to be one of them, are you? That's why we had gathered our pokies professionals with extensive experience to uncover everything you need to know about pokies odds.

Understanding the Odds

Just like with every online casino game, there are specific chances of winning on the pokies you must be aware of. Naturally, not all games are created equal, so you can exploit significantly better opportunities in the best online pokies in Australia.

But how can you find those online slot machines, and what to look for? Before covering all of this, first, you need a proper introduction to the two main components that shape your odds of winning the jackpot on pokies.

What is the Return to Player (RTP)?

If you have been playing in online casinos for a while, you have probably encountered the value of RTP one way or another. Even though some online pokies sites don't necessarily show it for their different games, you should know that all Australian online pokies have a specific RTP percentage.

As its name suggests, this is an exact value that shows what percentage of your funds you will return from playing a pokie infinitely. So, for example, if you try out a pokie with an RTP of 96.00% over an indefinite amount of spins, you are supposed to get back 96.00% of your total wagers. In other words, the odds on pokies aren't necessarily in your favour. And that's even with the highest RTP slots in the industry.

What is Slots Volatility?

Once you know how much you will theoretically return from a particular pokie in Australian online casinos, it's time to sift through the slots' volatility. Even among the best pokies, the volatility falls into three categories: Low, Medium, and High. Each indicates how frequently you will theoretically win from the specific pokie game.

For example, pokies with high volatility will mean less frequent payouts and more extensive losing streaks, even in the best online casinos. On the flip side, once you find Australian pokies with low volatility, you can expect a much more comfortable gambling experience and frequent winnings. This means you can easily choose the pokies you want to play based on their volatility.

How to Pick the Right Pokies to Improve Your Winning Chances?

Although incredibly valuable, understanding pokies odds in RTP and volatility is only half the battle. As most players are chasing significant winnings from the exciting slot games, it's our mission to show you precisely how you can increase your odds of winning the jackpot on pokies. So let's go through our proven blueprint and enjoy Australian pokies winnings much more frequently.

Only Pick Pokies With Over 96.00% RTP

Instead of choosing games based on their themes and graphics, the first thing you must look out for is their RTP. You might feel like a difference in a few points above or below our recommended border of 96.00% won't be a big deal, but you must pay attention to the power of variance. Even among short periods, the slightly higher RTP might be the difference between winning and losing. From our detailed research, we have determined that you must only play pokies with over 96.00% RTP if you want a shot at the top prizes.

Pick a Pokie Suitable for Your Bankroll

A crucial mistake almost every player makes is jumping into games without considering their bankroll and how this connects with the particular pokies odds. So, what is the correlation between the two? If you play some free online pokies, you will quickly notice your bankroll of demo funds is always significant. So, what makes you think you can win big at Australian pokies without matching your real bankroll up to the same level?

You can face prolonged losing streaks even in the pokies with the best RTP. So, to ensure you will have excellent odds on pokies, you must fund your account with a decent amount. You can choose which pokies to play based on their volatility. The more significant your bankroll, the more comfortable you will be able enjoying highly-volatile slot machines in Australia.

Risk More, Win More

Statistically speaking, online pokies sites will always have the edge over you. So, what's the only way to beat those games? It would be best to play with the maximum allowed bet per spin and patiently wait for your moment.

It's best to set a specific amount you want to win while playing Australian online pokies. Once you reach it, you must quit the game immediately while still in profit. The good thing about this strategy is that you can get your goal in just a few spins, considering the significant stake you would use per spin.

Slots with the Best Odds of Winning

To further increase your chances of winning on the pokies and save you some time, we have prepared a list of online casinos holding some of the most unique and profitable pokies in Australia.

Top 7 Pokies List:

  • Alchemist Bonanza
  • It's a Joker
  • Sizzling Eggs
  • 20 Boost Hot
  • Fruit Million
  • Won Hundred
  • 3 Witches

Where to find those Australian pokies:

  • Hellspin Casino
  • Bizzo Casino
  • Thepokies Casino
  • Woo Casino
  • National Casino
  • SkyCrown Casino
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