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Which cities in Australia offer the best casino nightlife?

If you have never visited the Antipodes, then you should aim to do so. It is a destination that should be on everybody’s bucket list, and although the friendly Australians have always given we Brits a warm welcome, the welcome is likely to be more friendly following the highly successful visit there by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the young Prince George.

Australian cities are built mainly round the coast, and there is much to see and do. It seems that every city in Australia has a different and unique flavour in terms of both culture and scenery.

Of course the Australians are famous for their love of gambling, and around 70% of the adult population gamble at least occasionally. Your typical Australian will bet on anything, even, it is said, on two flies on the wall. As you might expect there are some great casinos in some of the main cities, and the best casino in Australia is without doubt the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex in Melbourne where you can enjoy some of the best nightlife you will find in an Australia’s capital city, especially during some of Melbourne’s top sporting events which include the Australian Open, the Australian F1 Grand Prix, and of course when the Ashes tour comes to the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Sydney is a very different kind of place from Melbourne; it also has a larger population and is one of the oldest cities as well as being one of the richest cities in the world. As you would anticipate it boasts an excellent casino, the Star Sydney Casino & Hotel which overlooks Darling Harbour. It is a vast casino and includes many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In total there are 14 casinos in Australia, though if you find yourself in the outback then you will have to content yourself with playing at an iPad casino (provided you can find an internet connection), but it is still worth visiting some of the small towns and cities. You will also find some reasonable nightlife at places such as Alice Springs as well as a small casino at the Lasseters Casino Hotel.

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