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North Queensland Boat & Fishing Charters

There are few places in the world that offer the climate, surroundings and excitement that a fishing trip to North Queensland can. Fish for the famous Black Marlin, or a range of large fighting fish in this tropical paradise.

The Ferryman

The Ferryman is the premier cruise service in Karumba. Specialising in Norman River and Gulf sunset cruises the Ferryman are known far and wide for their service and attention to detail. Featuring a comprehensive commentary of the Port of Karumba, it's history,industry and nature. Featuring old friends such as Fred the Jabaru as well as Oscar and Olivia the Osprey. Included in your trip are wine, beer, Gulf Prawns, savories, soft drinks, and sweets all for a very reasonable $45.00 per head. The Ferryman also conduct dedicated bird watching tours and Lunch or dinner cruises for large tour groups

Ferryman River Cruises


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