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About Australian Travel & Tourism Network

At the very beginning of the internet, when less than 10,000 connections were available in Australia (mostly by universities for email) We had already realised the early potential and opportunities the internet could provide to promote travel in Australia.

Previous to the internet, travel operators and destinations relied upon expensive forms of advertising to reach their interested markets. Brochures, newspapers, yellow pages, television and radio were the only available options. These could prove very costly to implement, and if you wanted to reach international markets, you would need a good sized marketing budget. Most of this previous advertising was more hit and miss with results.

When we realised that we could market Australia to a world wide audience, and reach only those interested in Australian travel, for a fraction of the cost, we went ahead and developed Australia's first online travel guide.

The Australian Travel & Tourism Network was around 2 years prior to even the very first search engine, Yahoo. It is partly due to our longevity, that we have such a great reputation with search engines around the world. For several years we were the only Travel Guide promoting Australia to the world using the internet, and as such became a recognised resource of travel information.

Since that time, we have been accessed by over 44 million interested travellers around the world. They have bookmarked us in their millions, to constantly refer to when making Australian holiday & travel arrangements. We still remain at the top of travel guides promoting Australian holiday destinations, with thousands regularly visiting every day to research and book direct with our valued advertisers.

The Australian Travel & Tourism Network includes travel information for over 1000 of Australia's towns and cities. It also has specialist travel services in all regions for our visitors to make direct reservations with. It has proved to be a very useful and reliable service fo 19 years, and with new travel sites being continually added to our network, we are always increasing our exposure and market reach.

Australian Travel & Tourism Network does not:

  • Charge booking fees on any advertiser sales - All bookings are direct with advertiser
  • Charge commissions - we charge one reasonable flat fee.
  • Have thousands of advertisers in their directories decreasing sales possibilities with too much competition. Two leading guides claim to have over 450,000 advertisers?
  • Over inflate actual website traffic like other so called "leading travel guides"

Australian Travel & Tourism Network does:

  • Reach as many travellers, as other "leading travel guides"
  • Only have limited amount of advertisers to guarantee consistant visitors to your website
  • Have a flat fee charge system , that is affordable and easily repaid in only a few bookings, allowing advertisers to make good profits from our service over the period of campaign.
  • Communicates with advertisers to ensure their campaigns are successful.
  • Get better search engine results than most leading travel guides for all major Australian tourism key words / phrases with Google, Bing and all top search engines.
  • Get the same traffic results as all leading Australian travel guides
  • Have the biggest Australian travel network, promoting a range of Australian travel segments.
  • And... Does have better options & rates than all leading travel guides, allowing advertisers to make good returns on advertising in the Australian travel & Tourism Network

Our reputation for internet travel marketing, and commitment to our customers success, will always ensure advertisers within the Australian Travel & Tourism Network achieve excellent results.

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