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Murray River Holiday & Travel Information
South Australia

Australia’s most important inland waterway, the Murray River runs for over 2700kms from the Snowy Mountains to the South East Coast of South Australia. The Murray River has a number of beautiful camping spots along the way. With its many lakes water sports are a huge attraction. Boating, waterskiing, sail boarding, swimming and canoeing to name a few. So if some quiet time on the river is what you’re looking for then avoid the main towns and campsites during holiday periods.

Waterfront Hotel

The Murray River, less than 2 hours drive from Adelaide, runs through South Australia for 650 kilometres. With a range of landscapes of rugged cliff-lined river valleys, mallee scrub, river red gum forests, lagoons, orchards and vineyards. As South Australia’s only river of significance, it has become a popular destination for a relaxing summer holiday. Take a relaxing cruise along the river on one of the historic paddle steamers.

The Murraylands with watersports, wildlife and heritage trails being some of the major attractions offers boundless options for exploration and enjoyment. To the southeast the landscape changes to rugged coasts and beautiful beaches with sub-terrainean caves, sinkholes and extinct volcanoes.

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From its youthful beginnings high in the Snowy Mountains above Corryong to its meeting with the sea at Encounter Bay, the Murray River gently slides across the wide open lands of the continent. It passes thriving river port towns, rich farmlands dotted with old homesteads and deserts, parched by the Australian sun.

The banks are lined with massive red gums. Billabongs loop off lazily and sandy beaches are found in the nooks and crannies along its 2756 kilometre path. As for the sun - there seems to be so much of it. The river is like a huge magnet, dragging along the sunshine wherever it goes. And its magnetic presence is strengthened by the many riverside towns which are dotted along its banks.

The Murray is an ideal fishing location. There are many walking trails along the river and surrounding bush lands with great picnic facilities.

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