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5 Startups Shaking up the Travel Industry in 2019

Traveling links people together as you meet and get to know people from different regions and places. The ultimate mixture of cultures and world views, it’s no surprise Australians love to travel whenever they get a chance. By plane or car and whether it’s Christmas, summer, or no reason at all, the travel bug can bite and get you moving.

This trend of traveling has only increased over time too, with over 30 out of every 100 Australians traveling each year. To keep up with these growing numbers, more and more travelers are hiring travel guide companies to streamline the process. This has enabled tech startups to sprout to solve the problems faced by travelers. From booking a flight to the local traveling recommendations, here are the 5 startups shaking the travel industry in 2019.

1. Travel Giver

Travel Givers are top on our list because they not only provide you with remarkable traveling experience; they also donate for a better cause with every booking. You can donate up to 8% of your spending on a social cause that you believe in without any extra charge. Currently, Travel Givers are working on several projects including building schools in Nepal, providing food in slums, and wildlife preservation. Travel Giver is an example of a startup which does well for the community as well as work towards their own business outcomes.

This is important according to startup lender, Max Funding, who say “while startup competition is fiercer than ever, by establishing yourself as a community-minded and socially conscious company, you’ll be able to connect with your audience from the start and establish yourself a trusted choice no matter what competition you face.”

2. Townske

Ever wondered about places you missed while traveling because you didn’t know about them? This is quite common among people traveling to an entirely new place. Townske is a traveling application that guides you through the local areas of the country. It includes all the places that a foreigner wouldn’t know - the ‘off the beaten track’ places that make the best memories. This includes details, history and specialty places along with reviews and recommendations by locals. In the digital age, this startup has definitely made traveling much easier.

3. My Propella

When women travel alone, by choice or by circumstances, there is a need for safety and respect. My Propella is a startup determined to help women find partners for traveling. This startup keeps in mind the interests and tastes of women, and finds them companions based on these characteristics. The owner of My Propella is looking to create a community of safe, like-minded and enriched female travelers.

4. Scrubba

If your trip includes camping, climbing, and going to places that can mess up your clothes, you’ll need a way to manage your gear. It can become really uncomfortable to have dirty clothes lying around with you. Scrubba provides you with a portable washing machine bag that you can carry with you on any trip in the form of lightweight backpacks. You just have to add your clothes, some water, and detergent in it and leave the rest to Scrubba.

This can also double as a washing machine bag for non-camping trips, with the Yoga experts at Mukti Freedom Yoga saying “this bag is ideal for taking on health retreats and yoga getaways. This portable machine washes and dries your clothes and make them ready to use the very next day.”

For adventure lovers, this is a must-have!

5. FlightFox

There are so many options when you are looking to travel. A long trip can be expensive and difficult to manage. FlightFox takes care of all the traveling journey from booking the right flights to taking care of you throughout your trip.

Interior designer Gary Hamer says the benefits are many, “with the ability to bundle cars, hotels and flights this is a real time saver. When I’m flying for business I don’t have time to waste, so a service that aligns my goals and streamlines the process is exceptional.”

They have experts who know all the routes and provide you with the best service. For a family trip, FlightFox is able to help you towards saving a lot of money.

The travel industry is expanding day by day. With new innovations and new technology, new startups are being launched. These have made traveling easy, friendly and less tiring. They are expanding, gaining popularity and making huge profits, all while helping Australians do what they love - travel the world.

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