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Tips for Dealing with Layovers in Australia

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Due to the fact that Australia is geographically quite far from many other countries, chances are that your flight to Australia may include a layover. Layovers can be a pain, but these handy tips will help you make the most of your layover. Obviously, some of these tips will be impractical depending on how long your layover is –so make sure to take that into account. You do not want to miss your connecting flight to Australia!

Keep yourself entertained
The reason people complain about layovers is that they can be incredibly boring –but they do not have to be! The key here is to make sure you have something that is going to keep you entertained an captivated for a good few hours. Almost every airport offers some free WiFi, so this is something you can use to help beat the boredom. A great idea is to try out some fun online pokies that will keep you occupied until your next flight boards! There are so many different types of pokies to play; everything from video pokies to multiple pay-line slots. In addition, when you sign up for an account you also become eligible to receive a great new player welcome bonus that is valued at a whopping $1200!

Shop ‘til you drop
Duty free shopping is another great way to pass the time. Duty free items can often save you a lot of money as they are cheaper than at a general department store. It is also a good idea to get some country specific curios for yourself, or as gifts for friends and family member. You may not be able to leave the airport, but it is nice to have a little souvenir regardless!

Lounge in style
Have a look at the airport’s selection of business class lounges. If you are flying business class, your boarding pass will usually grant you access to these lounges. But even if you are not, many lounges offer other means by which you can visit –some will allow one-time cash payments, and other lounges may be affiliated with your bank. If you have a certain bank account, this may automatically get you into the lounge for free! Priority Pass also allows you access to many lounges worldwide. Especially if you have a longer layover, you may want to consider hanging out in the lounge, even if you have to pay out of your own pocket. The facilities in these airport lounges are usually phenomenal. They provide you with unlimited food and drinks. Most lounges will have reading material and books to keep you occupied. They also may have showers where you can freshen up before the next leg of your journey.

See what the airport has to offer
Each airport you visit will be different, so be sure to have a look if there are any standout features of the one you will be visiting. Some airports offer quick tours of the city –something that could be fun if your layover time allows. Other airports may have some cool amenities like a cinema or an ice rink for you to enjoy.


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