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The best land-based casinos to visit in Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are dream destinations. There are many iconic places to visit, which add up to make one of the best vacation experiences you will have. You can enjoy the seaside and swim with the fish. Brisbane, Queenstown and Perth also have miles of beautiful terrain perfect for all the expeditions you can think of.

In your globetrotting adventures, you always have to enjoy one or two pastimes from the places you visit. Exploring popular culture is the way to enjoy your smidgen of the daily happenings in a new place. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, gambling aficionados visiting Australia and New Zealand will have a ball exploring all the land-based casinos available to them. From the mobile casino free spins to the full experience, there is a little bit of everything. We have made it much easier for you to find the best New Zealand casinos as well as Australian casinos with all the fun.


Treasury Casino and Hotel

One of the largest casinos in Australia, Treasury Casino and Hotel is a great place to spend a night out in Brisbane. Gamblers are treated to an array of wagering games with a casino floor holding 1300 poker machines and 80 tables for all the table games you hope to find in a casino. The Treasury Heritage Hotel where the casino is located has ample accommodation with 128 luxury rooms readied for guests. When you have had enough wagering, you can wind down the night at any of the seven entertainment and dining spots.


Christchurch Casino

As the very first land-based casino in New Zealand, Christchurch casino has grown a lot since the early 90s’ when it was launched. As at now, the casino commands one of the largest patronages for entertainment spots in New Zealand. The casino floor is packed with poker machines and thirty-plus tables. Apart from the action-packed nature of the venue, Christchurch Casino has also maintained its standards of refinement owing to the smart dress code observed. Enjoy craft beers at the famous Monza Sports bar as you watch live sports on flat screen TVs.


Crown Perth

The Crown Perth Casino is the ultimate gamblers paradise. Any gambler would have trouble choosing among the 2,000 poker machines as well as the 220 tables waiting for them. You can try your luck all variants of poker at the 14 dedicated poker tables. Crown Perth is also one of the top entertainment spots in Perth with 16 bars and 15 restaurants.

Dunedin Casino

Situated in one of the oldest buildings in Dunedin, the casino is one of the most well-known New Zealand casinos. It is not only loved for its large offering of gambling games but also the heritage that surrounds it. Day visitors will enjoy some must-see sights and proceed to test
their luck during the night. The Dunedin Casino is designed to give you all the comforts of home coupled with all the casino classics you like. One of the best simple pleasures guests enjoy when they visit is stress free parking. Kiwis as well as tourists will have a fun time at the Dunedin Casino with lots of treats for the hungry gambler.

Australia and New Zealand are two nations that have a large base of gambling fans who don’t mind wagering a few bucks. Visitors looking to vacation in these two neighboring countries will love the atmosphere, which has been kept alive since the 90s’.


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