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4 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Australia

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world, occupying the land of 7 692 024 sq. Km. It is so huge and diverse that any travel guide would tell you to spend over six months or make multiple visits to see the country. If you are one lucky traveler heading to this amazing country, then you need a guide. In this article below, we have put together a few things which you need to know before heading to Australia. Know these things and heed all the travel tips, and we assure you no day in Australia will be a dull day.

Australia Map

Visa Requirements

First things first, you need to make sure you have fulfilled all your visa requirements. Whether you are traveling to Australia for a week, month, or months, you need to have a valid visa to enter the country. Before planning your trip to Australia, you can apply for some visas online, including an eVisitor visa, visitor visa, or Electronic Travel Authority visa if you are visiting the country as a tourist. But if you are a visitor or wish to work in Australia, you need to register to obtain a Tax File Number Australia. So, you need to find out which visa is the right one for you before planning anything else.

Australia is Massive

No, really, Australia is actually vast and incredibly diverse. Many people think that traveling from one side of the country to the other is very quick, but it is essential to know that reality is something else. If you are traveling by air from Brisbane to Perth, then it can take you over five hours. If you think of going to the other side of the country by road, it can take you three days. However, every state of Australia is so vast that you will have so much to do there. Unless you are planning a six month trip to the country, you are not going to see it all.

Cars Drive on the Left

Unlike most of the world, people in Australia drive cars on the left. Since public transport is not necessarily the best, the most preferred way to get around is driving. So, you need to keep your car to the left side of the road, and while crossing the road, be sure to look right. Or to be very safe, look both ways a couple of times before crossing the road.

Must-Visit Destinations

Since Australia is diverse, there are quite a few places you should not miss. From stunning beaches to beautiful rainforests and from wine regions to metropolitan areas, the variety of the landscape will make you go WOW. We wonder why Australia is on every traveler’s travel list. In Sydney, you need to visit the Opera House. When in Melbourne, you cannot miss out on one of the best road trips on the Great Ocean Road. You also want to check out the Great Barrier Reef snorkel or dive, which is the largest reef in the world. In Australia, you will enjoy every minute of your trip.

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