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5 Jackpot Casino Games That Have Worldwide Popularity

mega fortune

Here’s a question: Do individual casino games retain their popularity regardless of which country you visit? The answer, quite cryptically, is yes and no. Provided that casinos are legal, you will find that tastes and trends tend to change. We know, for example, that a visit to Melbourne might take in some high-stakes poker and the spectacular Melbourne Crown Casino. But if you visit somewhere like Japan, Pachinko might be a more prominent entertainment. Asian resorts like Macau tend to favour baccarat, whereas in Las Vegas roulette and blackjack remain the gambler’s choice.

However, some individual games have broken through the cultural and geographical frontier; specific jackpot games that are popular from one end of the earth in New Zealand to the other in Canada. Below we are going to look at five games that branded casino games that have become global smash hits:

Mega Moolah: Microgaming

Arguably the most famous jackpot pokie on the planet, you will find Mega Moolah listed at this popular New Zealand site: There is one reason looming above all the rest as to why Mega Moolah is popular globally – it’s record-breaking jackpot payouts. The top prize regularly hits over $10 million, and everyone has a shot at the big time regardless if you play for high stakes or just a few cents. It really has become something of a phenomenon online, and we have lost count of the number of countries where Mega Moolah is the top jackpot game.

Gladiator Jackpot - Playtech

The Gladiator movie, of course, starred Antipodean movie darling Russell Crowe, and this game from Playtech is directly licensed to feature material from the Oscar-winning smash hit. Gladiator Jackpot is a prime example of how casino games can use branding to great effect, and, as you might expect, the use of globally successful movie franchise (a sequel is now in the works) means that it will pull in interest from many countries. As with all the games on this list, the massive jackpot helps with the allure.

Mega Fortune – NetEnt

NetEnt and Mega Moolah creator Microgaming are two of the biggest names in casino software development, and they have had something of a rivalry with their signature jackpot games. Mega Fortune is basically NetEnt’s answer to Mega Moolah, and it has went toe to toe with it in terms of jackpot payouts. The imagery and symbolism used in the game – champagne, fast cars, yachts, etc. – speak a universal language of wealth, so it has no problems translating its popularity to different cultures.

Jackpot Giant – Playtech

Most of the games on this list have a bit more going on than the headline jackpot, such as bonus games and special ways to win. Jackpot Giant, however, really just sells itself on providing players with the chance to hit the headline jackpot, which is usually a multi-million-dollar payout. A fun, animated game with very few frills, but a lot of thrills.


Age of the Gods – Playtech

Finally, a game that has shown how connectivity can help bring the biggest prizes to online casinos. Age of the Gods is a series of games based on Greek mythology. As such, you will find induvial games based on Hercules, Zeus, Midas and everyone else connected to the myths of the time. However, what’s important here is the fact that the games are all connected to a shared jackpot feature. It can randomly strike at any time, giving players a guaranteed opportunity to win one of four jackpots. There is even a version based on roulette. A global smash hit for Playtech.

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