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If you get bored, you need something to cheer yourself up with. This is probably the rule that people around the world follow and come up with funny holidays and contests. As unusual as the animals and insects on the Australian continent are, so interesting and unique are the traditions of the Australian people. Some of them seem to be so interesting, that are worth adopting. We will start our list with the New Year’s Australian tradition.


The Australian Santa Claus is a surfer. He appears not on a reindeer harness, but a surfer riding a wave. The New Year's Eve wizard is dressed not in the usual fur coat and pants, tucked into the red boots, but in a tight-fitting swimming costume.

And it is not the most surprising fact about the celebration of the New Year in Australia. Australians fall asleep early on New Year's Eve as soon as the clock strikes "twelve." Usually, at 00:10 you won't see anyone on the streets, all Australians are already in bed. And all because on this amazing continent is accepted to wake up very early - at 5-6 in the morning, and this rule is inviolable and strictly adhered to, both on weekends and holidays. Beach parties are held according to the Australian tradition on January 1, when from the early morning the inhabitants of Australia rush to greet each other.

And Metrosideros is an Australian Christmas tree that replaces a Christmas tree. It is a tropical plant studded with needle-like purple flowers when in bloom. Often the tree is bought in a pot and then planted in the garden. It is under this tree in the colorful socks children find gifts from Santa in the morning. Those who want to see a real tree for the New Year, you need to do a lot of ingenuity: buy an imported tree, and then spray all its branches with varnish, otherwise, the needles will fall off in a few hours, and the tree will not last to the New Year.


For almost 50 years, the town of Port Lincoln has held an annual national holiday, Tunarama. A large crowd of tourists gathers to watch. The idea of the contest is to spin and throw as far as possible the carcass of a 10-kg tuna. Fish is not thrown fresh but especially frozen. They place it in a refrigerator so that its tail and fins do not harm spectators and competitors.

A rope is tied to the head of the tuna so that it is easier to hold and does not slip out of hands. And they toss it wherever they go. By the way, there is a very good price for the winner, it is about 7,000 euros.


A recent interesting tradition has emerged among newlyweds. On their wedding and wedding day (often combined on the same day), the newlyweds plant a tree in a public park. After a while, they periodically come to it to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. As the family grows, children and grandchildren already gather under the family tree. The tree is a definite heirloom of the home.


It is a well-known fact, that Australian people are passionate about gambling. There are many land-based and virtual casinos as Woo Casino, where Australians enjoy this activity. Anyway, betting on horse races is even more popular there. One of the Australian holidays is the Melbourne Cup horse race in November. Some states even give employees a day off with pay. So, people can participate and place bets on their favorite horses and jockeys.


The tradition of setting up tents with various pies and homemade goodies to raise money for charity is probably the most popular. The main critical connoisseurs of pies are the Rural Women's Association. If someone treats you to something that isn't tasty or underbaked, you'll have a lot of trouble dealing with it later.

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