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5 Rules: Tourists need to Know Before Visiting Australia

If you are going to travel to Australia, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of conduct on the territory of the country in advance. If you are planning to visit Australia soon, then this article will be useful to you.

Traveling is always a new experience and a joy. If you are not planning to travel yet, then visit Bizzo Casino, relax and recharge with new impressions. Well, we're starting to figure out what not to do while traveling to Australia!

You Can’t Trash

Even an accidentally dropped piece of paper can cause problems. Australians are sensitive to cleanliness and do their best to achieve order on the streets. Urns are installed everywhere, public toilets work, and territories are constantly being cleaned – everything is being done to make residents and guests feel comfortable.

You Should Not Go to Visit Empty-Handed

If a tourist is invited to visit the locals, it is necessary to buy a bottle of good wine or beer. This gesture will demonstrate respect for the owners. If a guest is invited in the evening, it means that he is invited to dinner. Do not refuse: this may offend the hospitable hosts.

You Can’t Take Change From the Bar

You can not do this until the visitor has finished with the drink. You can not tip an empty glass upside down on the counter, and even more so do it with the glasses of other visitors. In Australia, such behavior is considered bad form.

No Need to Praise Yourself

When trying to exalt himself in conversations, to emphasize his strengths of character, a foreigner risks falling heavily in the eyes of the interlocutor. Australians don't like bragging and those who abuse it.

Do Not Touch on Some Topics

It is forbidden to talk about race, origin, and income level. The locals will talk about everything else very willingly. Australians like to joke about any topic except themselves. And they will be extremely unhappy if someone tries to laugh at them.

Physical Contact Is Prohibited

In Australia, it is not customary to hold hands, hug, or pat each other on the shoulder in front of everyone. Tourists also need to avoid such displays of intimacy, even if they are well acquainted with the locals. The exception is a strong handshake that shows respect.

You Can Not Smoke and Drink in Public Places

Drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking in public places in Australia are prohibited by law. For violating the rule, you can get a decent fine. You can't see a smoking person in hospitals, cinemas, or cafes here. But you can come to establishments marked "Bring your own" with your drinks.

Teasing Local Animals Is Dangerous

You can't tease kangaroos, platypuses, dingoes, and pelicans. It is dangerous for health and life. Swimming in the wrong places can turn into a meeting with a shark or crocodile. In order not to stumble upon a poisonous snake or insect, you should not walk barefoot on the grass.

Protect the Forest From Fires

This applies to tourists who travel with tents. The peculiarity of the climate of the region is such that one outstanding cigarette butt can cause a forest fire. Forests are protected especially carefully here. And they expect the same from visitors.

Local Flora and Fauna Cannot Be Exported

Whether it's a piece of coral or a small turtle safely hidden in a suitcase. If a tourist from another country is caught at customs with prohibited cargo, you will have to lose a lot of money to pay a fine and time while the proceedings are underway.


Observing these simple rules, visiting guests will demonstrate respect for local traditions and ensure a pleasant stay without unnecessary adventures.

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