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7 Things To Do In Perth For Couples

Do you and your significant other live in Perth or are planning to visit the city? Do you want to find activities and things to do that are perfect for couples? The good news is that Perth is a vibrant and lively city with no shortage of options, it just comes down to your interests. Let’s take a look at seven amazing things to do in Perth that are perfect for couples. Whether you choose just one activity or engage in all seven, you’re bound to have a blast.

Perth at Night

Choose from Several Live Music Venues

If you're a couple who appreciates music, then why not head out and find a venue that features live music? The jazz scene is particularly lively in Perth with such notable places as the Duke of George, Pooles Temple, Jazz Cellar, and Ellington Jazz Club all offering live music. What’s great about this activity is that it’s casual, you don’t have to plan, and you can stay as long or as short of time as you want.

A Sauna and a Float - the Ultimate Way to Relax

Couples are often quick to book a spa visit when they want to relax and allow the tension to flow from their bodies, and while it can be incredibly effective it's not the only option. If you’re in Perth, why not try something a little more unique that can offer all kinds of benefits for your body and mind? An infrared sauna session followed by a float tank appointment will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced. Not familiar with either of these options? Let’s take a closer look.

An infrared sauna is unique in that the heat can penetrate the muscles and tissues in the fastest and most efficient time possible. The idea is that you begin with the sauna to detoxify and relax the body, and then you'll gain even more benefits from the float pod. In a float session, you will be in a pod, by yourself, floating in the water. It gives you a chance to shut down, relax, and enjoy a wide array of benefits that can include pain relief, anxiety and stress relief, aid in meditation, and help you to sleep better.

Love Golfing - Perth Has You Covered

If the two of you love heading out on the links, then Perth will prove to be a mecca of opportunities. Great Perth is home to the famed Wembley Golf Course as well as others such as Point Walter Golf Course, Collier Park Golf Course, and Novotel Swan Valley Vines Golf Course.

A Fun Take on "Cooking" - Gin School Is a Unique Activity

You don't need to be a cook to enjoy this next activity, and it's as fun as it is unique. If you're a fan of gin, why not learn how it's made by doing it first-hand? You can head to The Republic of Fremantle's gin school and create and then distill a recipe of your making.

The "gin school" uses mini-pot stills so it's easy for participants to go about the process. It takes about 2.5 hours for the class and you'll even get a gin and tonic when you get there. You'll leave with a 500ml bottle of the custom gin you created, which you can then enjoy at home.

Love Nature and Parks - Visit the Botanic Park

Maybe the two of you love being outdoors surrounded by nature and all its beauty. If that's the case, a romantic activity can be to visit the Araluen Botanic Park. The park features some of the loveliest flowers you'll find and there are various walking paths you can explore. It’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle.

Perth Bridges

Get a Bird's Eye View of Perth

This activity is great for tourists who want to get a bird's eye view of Perth. The Bell Tower is the perfect way to see the city all at once thanks to the height of the tower.

Rottnest Island Is a Must for Couples

Finally, there is Rottnest Island, which you should consider a must-see. Once on the island, you can hire bikes and take your time exploring nature, activities, and even a pub.

Perth Is the Perfect Place for Couples

As you can see by these activities and ideas, Perth has plenty to keep couples busy.

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