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Australia to the World

Hello there! We would like to share some fantastic information for those who enjoy traveling. We would like to open Australia for you! There are numerous types of having fun in our world, legal, we must admit it! Some prefer sports, others gaming, some traveling, and some gambling. For gamblers that are testing their luck at PlayAmo, we would like to share a magnificent part of our world, called Australia.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge

Jungle tours and safaris in African countries are often fraught with danger, and to go on such a trip and feel comfortable you need at least a little training and special equipment, writes And what should those who want to get acquainted with wild animals and at the same time stay in comfort?

Then tourists need to go to Australia, to the Jamala Wildlife Lodge hotel. It is located in Camber, next to the National Zoo. You can say that the hotel is part of the zoo. The hotel has only 18 rooms and guests can choose which wild animal they want to spend their vacation in the company of. At Jamala Wildlife Lodge there are rooms where one of the walls overlooks the oceanarium or those where a brown bear lives behind a glass wall.

The hotel is very popular with the Australians themselves. According to guest reviews, a stay at the hotel is a great alternative to a safari trip to Africa. Guests like the local restaurant and bar not only for its excellent cuisine and wine selection but also for the fact that you can eat here in the company of lions. Such proximity is safe for both hotel guests and animals - they are securely separated from each other by the special glass.

Nambung National Park

Golden sands and numerous peaks pointing to the sky are all about the Pinnacles Desert, which is located in Australia. Here you can see thousands of pillars of limestone rising out of the moving sands. The height of the pillars reaches almost four meters in some places. Some are jagged with a sharp edge all the way to the top, while others resemble tombstones. This is the Desert of Towers, part of Nambung National Park located about 200 kilometers north of Perth. These amazing natural limestone structures were formed about 25,000 to 30,000 years ago after the sea receded and left colonies of sea shells. Over time, the coastal winds removed the surrounding sand, leaving the pillars and towers in their present form.

This natural landscape was formed during an ancient era when the vast ocean raged on this spot. And the golden pinnacles are the remains of shells and sea creatures that have been compacted by time. A brisk wind has chiseled out the whimsical shapes of these rocks. This is why we are fortunate to see this beautiful desert today. Exhibits more than 6,000 years old have been found in the desert, and they testify to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area. Scientists have found that the shifting sands completely covered the peaks for some time, and after a few hundred years they reappeared. This process is due to the fact that thanks to the south wind, the drifting sand periodically, then opens, but again closes the tops.

The best season to see the Apexes is from August to October when the wildflowers begin to bloom in moderate weather. The summit formations are best viewed early in the morning or late in the evening, as the play of light causes a contrast that allows you to see all their features. Then you get the impression that everything here is made of gold. After all, even the sharp stones, towering 1-5 meters, are yellow in color.

Hope one day you will be able to visit Australia, as we are sure that you will return year after year.

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