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The most underrated ones: the best websites to place a bet on the Australian Football League

Australian football is an extremely interesting sport, which is interesting not only for people from Australia but also for fans from all over the world. Many people gather to watch the Australian Football League, the main competition in this discipline. However, warming up the watching with a bet is a nice option for many fans. But to do that you need to find high-quality AFL football betting websites. However, including the fact that Aussie football is popular worldwide, there is no issue in finding a trustworthy betting website with nice odds and many features for novice and experienced players. There is a list of the best betting websites that are not extremely popular among gamblers but provide the opportunity to place a bet on the Australian Football League games.

WynnBet for AFL

WynnBet is not the most popular betting website. It has many sports categories and allows you to choose from a wide variety of leagues. You can choose major football leagues (including AFL), basketball leagues, and even golf championships. The website has a simple interface where you can see all the leagues and sports right from the moment of signing up. Even novice gamblers will have an opportunity to manage the interface and understand how everything works. The one more benefit of the website is a contact number of support for people who have major issues with gambling, which is really perfect. Not every bookmaker will leave such notification.

But the issue is that the website is mostly aimed at the US audience, which may seem a problem for some gamblers. But you will see no connection issues and the experience of gambling on this website will be just fine. It also gives an opportunity to play casino game mode, which may also be fine for many experienced gamblers.

Including the simplicity of the design and a variety of popular sports events, WynnBet is a great website to use for betting on the Australian Football League.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Draftkings Sportsbook looks like a conservative website with his design. It is dark, has a small interface, mainly filled with text without bright and colorful pictures. That’s not like the website we are used to seeing. Even experienced gamblers may look at the DraftKings and claim it uncomfortable, but the interface is the only disadvantage of the website. Ignoring it, we will see the platform full of gambling spirit, which provides high-quality services for all the players. DraftKings Sportsbook gives an opportunity to bet on the Australian Football Leagues with the best odds for the players. But AFL is not the only thing to bet on. We may see racing, basketball, and even golf categories, while the amount of provided leagues is even hard to count. Even more, the website has a short tutorial for novice gamblers, which will make the experience better for them. It supports not only events for the US audience but also the most interesting sports categories for the UK and Australia. The only con of the website is its design, but it’s pretty easy to get used to it and to bet with the joy and gambling spirit.

Fanduel Sportsbook

Claiming Fanduel unpopular will be a huge mistake. This company is well-known in the United States and provides its services since 2009. But on the Australian betting market, it wasn’t that sought-after. And it’s a huge pity. Fanduel is a nice-looking and brilliant-working website, which gives an opportunity not only to bet on different events, starting from minor golf plays to extremely hyped sports leagues. They also recognize how popular Australian Football League is, so there is an option to experience it with them. You can place your bet on any of the AFL games. Fanduel provides good odds and fine welcoming bonuses for novice users. The design of the website deserves separate regard. It is good-looking and has all the best parts of it right on the front page. New users can understand everything in only five minutes without using any sort of additional help. Experienced gamblers will be fully satisfied with the functionality of the website. All these factors make Fanduel Sportsbook a great place to place some bets and enjoy interesting features like casino and fantasy sports.

BetMGM as an honorable mention

BetMGM is a website, which has a rich variety of different sports events. Ignoring it would be a crime itself. However, for Australian players, it may have some issues. Starting with advantages, the interface of the BetMGM is just brilliant. It allows choosing between many sports events. It has major categories which contain football (including AFL), basketball, volleyball, and boxing. But also it may allow you to place a bet on golf or darts, which may seem not those popular categories for the audience. The odds on the website are also great and even profitable. The website may compete with its opponents on the gambling market. Moreover, you can see highlighted bets on the main page with the highest odds. You can test your luck right ahead from the start.

Nevertheless, the bright functionality of the website might be crossed in one moment. Australian gamblers may experience the major issue with the website’s orientation towards the United States audience. On one hand, it’s possible to get around this obstacle. You need to choose the state carefully. For making the right decision, you should inspect the gambling laws in each state to make sure that you will play with all the features available. On the other hand, players don’t want to bother with such things. New users usually choose the websites with the easiest access to them and the simplest interface. The question of whether BetMGM’s services are worth all these efforts is really complex to be answered. Some players will definitely enjoy using this exact platform for gambling, while others will find something more available for them.

Why are these websites on the list?

The decision of which websites to choose is really complex. There are many candidates which are well-known and give an opportunity to place a bet on Aussie football. Bet365 is the brightest example. But showing people the websites which are not that popular but still great may lead them to the true experience of betting. All the listed websites are worth attention because they give all the users the opportunity to place their bet on their favorite AFL with the best odds.

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