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Buying Properties on Dubai Hills – How Profitable, is It?

Investors, whether in the real estate business or otherwise, thrive on making gains/ profits from a deposit of money or acquiring some form of property or interest. When the cost of maintaining an item, or the value that comes from it in the future, is lesser than the cost of its purchase, it is indeed a loss and equates to a bad investment.

As such, every businessman/ woman who knows his/ her onus will first research the viability of a project and check out the business trends over the years to determine if it will be a quality-paying decision to make in the long run.

Therefore, it is not surprising that people want to know the profitability of real estate in Dubai Hills and whether it is a good time to enter into the industry or invest in that part of Dubai. This article will consider the business trends over the years to see if it is profitable to buy apartments in the Dubai Hills estate and the expected returns on investment on properties in the area.

Is it profitable to buy apartments in Dubai Hills?

Foremost, it is quite profitable to buy real estate in the city of Dubai. While economies and real estate crumbled in locations all over the world – post covid, the UAE real estate market had an impeccable comeback in 2022. Property sales increased by up to 50%. As nationals from all over the world saw how effective the crackdown on covid was in 2020, Dubai became more of a haven to hide should such an issue come up again.

In the last quarter of 2022, at least $16 billion and over twenty thousand units of real estate exchanged hands under diverse transactions in the year.

It would interest you that as buoyant as the market is at the moment, the future looks brighter. According to Emirates.Estate, although some investors are sceptical about the growth of the real estate business in Dubai for the year 2023, the projections are impressive. Real estate is expected to hit an increase by the end of the year 2023, as the country will experience an influx of new immigrants due to the heightened publicity going on about the country.

Why the real estate surge?

While other jurisdictions are still struggling to get on their feet, Dubai is experiencing an all-time surge in real estate investments; here’s why:

1. The 2020 Dubai Expo, which was later postponed and held in 2021, invited many people from around the world giving the city a rare opportunity to market itself. After the expo, many investors took a liking to the sea and saw its potential upfront.

2. The Port Da La Mer Off-plan properties for non-residents – this property, coupled with the resident permit for investors and company owners, has also pulled many people to the deserts of the UAE, particularly Dubai. Foreigners now have an opportunity to own a piece of landed property in Dubai and a chance to stay upon earning a visa. A policy such as this welcomes foreigner and encourage foreign direct investments.

3. The booming market in itself attracts people to purchase and own property in Dubai.

Therefore, back to the question, is it profitable to buy property in the Dubai Hills Estate? Yes, it is. If you invest in the Dubai Hills, it is a guaranteed value for money. Properties in the area will earn you a return on investment between 6% – 11% for the money spent.

The Dubai Hills is a central location that attracts foreigners, visitors, and, in return, reasonable rentals. If you put a property on the Dubai Hills up for rent, you may get a caller in a few days. Additionally, various flexible plans protect the interest of all the parties involved, and you can easily find them on the Dubai Hills Estate.


If you consider relocating to Dubai, the Dubai Hills Estate is a nice option to place your money on in Dubai because of its prospects. You can learn more about this location and the real estate selection on the official aggregator’s website Emirates.Estate, and discover the available premises in the market and available property deals, including residential and commercial properties. A broad range of Dubai properties of various configurations and price categories is listed in the catalog.

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