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Exciting Activities to try in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful and fantastic tourist attractions globally. This “Land Down Under” is the biggest nation among Oceania countries. However, it is the sixth-largest country globally by land size, surrounded by the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans.

Australia has a varied ecosystem and biodiversity, making it an ideal destination to visit. It has landscapes, mountains, tropical rainforests, deserts and climates. It also sides with some of the well-known beaches of the world.

Now that you have some understanding of Australia, let’s step forward to know what you can do here when you visit.

A Visit to the Great Barrier Coral Reef

Almost all of us have studied Australia’s Great Barrier Reef during our school days. It is spread across a whopping 344,400 square kilometres. Its popularity is due to its massive spread coral reef system that has also gained the UNESCO World Heritage title.

Great Barrier Reef lies in the Coral Sea on the Queensland coast. The system isn’t just home to a variety of corals. In fact, you can find a unique aquatic ecosystem that includes a diverse range of fishes, marine worms, molluscs, sea anemones, sponges, crustaceans and more.

Visitors can dive on the coast of Queensland to view this pristine beauty of nature. Other ways to view the Great Barrier Reef are mini-submarine rides, underwater scooter rides, sky diving over the reef, or flying on the flight. Altogether, Australia has brought in various innovative ways to help you indulge in the scenic sight of its coral reefs.

Explore Gambling at the Star Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

This iconic establishment is more than just a hotel. It features world-class restaurants, bar, spa & accommodation, pool, and other entertainment. You get a chance to indulge in delicious savouries prepared by some of the world-famous chefs.

The gambling enthusiasts can head straight to the Star Gold Coast Casino, which is open 24/7. It is built with an aim to offer world-class facilities and a thrilling experience on the floor. The place has top classic games, including roulette, slots machines, dice games, baccarat, blackjack, poker, sic bo and jackpot games.

Gambling is legal and well regulated in Australia. So, it’s fine to visit and play here. You can even gamble online at some well-known sites like StarPlay Casino, National Casino Australia and others!

Get Closer to Wilderness at Kimberley, Western Australia

Australia’s Kimberley offers a breathtaking experience of various biospheres in a single region. From Ord River to Bungle Bungle Range, Mitchell Plateau, Kimberly Coast, King George Falls, Karijini National Park, and more, you have many options to explore here.

Take some time out to visit these places and relax for at least a day in every region. Karijini National Park is the second-largest in the Western Australia region. It has some freshwater pools for visitors to unwind and swim in.

Boat rides on the Ord River offer a spectacular view of the wildlife paralleling the watersides. And, of course, you can also grab the opportunity of occasional sight of wild fauna in the forests. The river also has specific fishing spots known to the locals.

Touch of Art at the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House features the best in the performing arts world. It is situated on the banks of Sydney Harbour and has a unique & standout architectural look.

Visit the place to experience lively music, belly tickling comedy shows, wild dance shows, impressive theatrics, live concerts, and more! Here you can take home the memory of the perfect blend of classic and modern performing arts.

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