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Explore Adelaide and Find the Best Places to Play Pokies

Wonderful Waterways

Adelaide is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and rightly so. There is much to do and see including all types of sights and sounds and lavishness in the warm weather and sandy beaches too. Below we highlight a few of the best things to do when visiting this region in the South of Australia.

Visit the Crowne Plaza

When you visit any country in the world, the first thing the majority of us look for is decent accommodation. Depending on the type of trip you are planning, business or pleasure, there are several different hotels and accommodations you can choose from.

On our list, however, is the Crowne Plaza. The ideal place for the modern traveller, this hotel offers an assortment of facilities to make sure you stay comfortable and enjoy every minute of your trip. From a heated outdoor infinity swimming pool to a fully equipped gymnasium, bar and a chance to revel in the views of the City and Adelaide Hills. What more could you ask for?

Play Pokies in Adelaide

If you haven’t heard it before, Adelaide is dubbed as the “20-minute city”, because everything is a 20-minute walk away. If you are looking to wander out and about to play some pokies, instead of playing your usual experts at 5star RTG games online, look no further than the famous hot spots in the city to wander into.

From the oldest glasshouse in the entire region of Australia to some of the best places to play Pokies, you won’t be left in the lurch when planning your trip around the area. Our choice below includes some of the best places to play Pokies when you are in Adelaide that you can take advantage of.

Pulteney Pokies

Looking for cheap food and drinks, while playing a few games of pokies? The Pulteney Pokies hot spot is one of the famous places where residents and tourists indulge in a bit of gaming and meet new people. According to customer reviews, the place has some of the friendliest staff, if you are up for a laugh.

The Little Pub

Almost one of the top-rated Pubs in the area is The Little Pub, however, there is nothing little about it, with its big-hearted staff members and an array of pokies games this age-old pub has a lot to offer. The charm of the ’50s and the location of the downtown city has a great vibe and the owners know how to run the place, seeing as it has been around since 1851.

West Thebby

Get a bit of a walk towards the outskirts of Adelaide to this spot known as the West Thebby and enjoy some of the best Aussie beers and food, everything is crafted in the heart of the city, so you are guaranteed an authentic experience. The place also hosts quiz nights when you’re not concentrating on your game of pokies and looking for a good laugh.

Strathmore Hotel

Apart from the above selections, you can also choose to stay at the Strathmore Hotel, in Adelaide and is the ideal place to check out other famous attractions in the area. They offer some of the best selections of games to its guests. You can plan a trip around the region rated under the top tourist places on anyone’s checklist.

From checking out the authentic wombats to river journeys, wine tasting and memorable day trips, all inside of 5 days. Places include:

The Famous Adelaide Hills

In the east part of Adelaide lies the famous Hills which are reminiscent of its countryside, and a must-see for any visitor, especially if it is your first time. Dive deep into the cultural and historical villages, rolling hills, and grapevines. You can start your day with a decadent breakfast atop its Summit Café where you can take in the magnificent views of the city.

Once you are done treating yourself, you have the wide expanse of the Cleland Wildlife Park to check out which houses an array of authentic Australian animals such as the kangaroo, koala and Tasmanian devil. When looking for something to take back home with you, the various gift shops, galleries and 1839 German-style delicatessens are just a few options for you to shop at.

Fleurieu Peninsula and McLaren Vale

If ever there was a postcard picture landscape it’s the Fleurieu Peninsula and McLaren Vale. Situated 40 kilometres on the south of Adelaide, the peninsula is famous for its surfing beaches and harbours, based in a town that has the McLaren Vale winery. You can go scuba diving, for a walk on the beach, do some fishing or snorkelling and take in the exotic sun, sea and sand vibe.

There are also various other national parks such as the Coorong National Park that you can go on tour at and drive from Goolwa which is an island that harbours penguins and seals. Once you are done, indulge your taste buds at any one of the many restaurants.

Clare Valley

A cluster of villages and wineries that are meticulously placed in a valley full of vines and farmlands is one to not miss. The Clare Valley area is the oldest winery around and was founded back in 1851. Once you are done exploring the wine farms and tasting the exquisite selection, you can visit the Winery Museum which has the original underground wine storage cellar, or visit the beer gardens and an underground brewery near the mining area – the Monster Mine.

As you may have noticed, there are tons of different things to do when in Adelaide, and it makes for one of the best places to revisit a few times just to cover most of the above and other places that have not been mentioned still.

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