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How to Become a Pro at Poker?

The Differences Between Offline and Online Poker

Offline Online

Poker is the most popular card game. And whether you play offline or online, the rules are the same: the same four card deck, the same combinations, the same betting order. Both online and offline, the flush beats the straight in the same way. And no matter what kind of game you're playing, your goal is to take out all your opponent's chips. But this is where the similarities between online and offline poker end. When playing poker live for the first time, novice players are stressed. And that's because offline poker and online poker are two different games.

When you're playing offline, you need to keep a poker face

And control any emotions. This can be very difficult at first. At home, sitting in front of a computer screen, players unconsciously mumble their combinations and actions, and then transfer this habit of talking to themselves into a live game and continue involuntarily muttering their cards under their breath.

There's a place for emotion online: you can criticise your opponent's poor play, without being shy about it. But it's categorically not allowed offline. Moreover, for aggressive behaviour at the poker table (throwing chips, cards) you may be reprimanded or have your attendance at the poker club restricted.

What's even more difficult is controlling non-verbal gestures offline. The most popular of these is hand tremors. Dozens of players have lost hundreds of dollars early in their careers simply because their heart was racing and their hands were shaking whenever they saw pocket Aces, Kings in their box. If online you are behind a nickname and avatar, offline you are out in the open.

Game strategy and decision making

The basic strategy when playing online and offline is the same. But online and offline are from different planets. And playing well online does not imply playing well offline.

Online, you have to concentrate on your opponent's stats and analyse his hand histories. In a live game, you can gather information about the strength of your opponent's hand through his Tells - body cues.

On the Internet, you can check your opponent's stats and hand history to understand how to make the right decision. Or you can use third-party statistics services to understand whether the player is a regular or a chip leader. In a live game, you can only "check out" your opponent through friends and acquaintances. Online poker requires more analysis. Live game play requires you to focus on your opponent and his emotions.

Playing online is more comfortable

What separates you from playing poker online? A few clicks of the mouse. What separates you from playing poker offline? The distance, the laws of your home country (sometimes you have to travel to another country to play), living expenses, food. Online there is more games, more disciplines, more opponents. You can play at up to 16 tables at the same time.

Advices for Beginners


Many people need help in the beginning stages and if you've already decided that offline poker is ideal for you. There are a few things you can do to help you come out on top:

  • Bluff by choosing your opponents correctly. This will only work against players who can't recognise your hand and who are disciplined enough to fold;
  • If you almost certainly know you're going to lose your next bet, don't make it. No excuses for positive pot odds can be accepted in this case;
  • Learn to listen to your instincts. If you feel compelled to take the bet, try doing so. Conversely, when you feel your next move may cost you money, don't take it;
  • Find the strength to fold before the flop. The vast majority of professionals see less than 1 flop in 4.

Which Online Casino to Choose for Poker in Australia?

If you're looking for a good online casino that is both safe and provides a high standard of poker, check out best online King Johnnie Casino in Australia.

This is a casino that matches the theme of The Lion King. This gaming platform is well known and popular because of the wide range of bonuses it offers as well as hundreds of thousands of slots. The platform offers promotions and tournaments that will bring you real money.

You can earn rewards and enjoy the games on one site.

 Pros  Cons
 ● Generous promotions and bonus offers;  ● Coindirect Crypto-currency instead of Bitcoin available.
 ● 1000+ slots ;  
 ● Many methods to make deposits and withdrawals;  
 ● Fast banking transactions.  

Online Casino Games

King Johnnie Australia offers over 2000 games that are constantly being updated and expanded. All of them are provided by leading software providers , which means they have a well functioning interface , features , graphics and sound .

Categories of games:

  • New Games - here are collected the newest and best games that are popular all over the world. Games included: east train , lucky piggy , robbed train , speed winner , caribbean ;
  • Hot Games - the games which have a high RTP are included. This index shows the percentage of returns from the games. So if the RTP is 96, you have made a deposit of A$100, you should get back A$96. Popular games in this category are Cleopatra's Gold, Troy Juicy Drops, and Wizard's Book;
  • Blackjack is a game played with a deck of 52 cards. Games in this category are: Blackjack 6 in 1, Multiple Handed, American, European, Two Deck and many more variations; Wild Texas and more;
  • Classic Slots is the most popular category amongst Australians. King Johnnie features the following games : Lady Wild 10, Money Train, Wild Bells 100.

Benefits of King Johnnie

King Johnnie

If you can not decide whether to stay on the site or look for another, you can read about the advantages of the online platform:

  • Great promotions and bonuses - you can significantly increase your winnings by using bonuses and promotions that you can get for free;
  • VIP Program- For advanced players or those just starting out, you have the option to join a unique program. You will be able to get a lot of extra features;
  • The games collection is quite large, over 2000 games of chance and 1000+ slots;
  • The support team is always helpful and stays in touch with you 24/7;
  • The high level of security is a really important point as you won't have to worry about personal and bank details.


Pick a game you want to play, if you want to play poker then learn all the rules and stay in the game. Choose online casinos checking all the security parameters, licences and certificates. Or use the recommendation given above.

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