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How to Travel Safely Post-Pandemic

Understandably, many people are still concerned about travelling abroad in today’s post-pandemic world. However, with COVID-19 cases falling and an increasing number of countries being placed on the green list, you may be thinking about booking a holiday or planning a business trip.

If you are, then now is the time to start thinking about how you can ensure your safety while you travel. From enlisting the services of a travel agency to choosing a “safe” destination, this is how you can travel safely post-pandemic.

Seek professional advice

With rules and regulations changing on almost a daily basis, it can be a good idea to turn your travel plans over to a professional. If you are travelling for personal reasons such as for a family trip, then a travel agency can help you with all aspects of your booking.

However, if you are travelling for work or you are in charge of corporate travel at your company, then you need to find a company that specialises in travel management solutions.

The Gambling Industry During The Pandemic

One of the most powerful magnets for both domestic and international travellers, casinos, also took a big hit during the pandemic in the land Down Under. The fact that all forms of internal and international travel that were not considered essential were banned didn't help the gambling sector at all. On the contrary, it led to a net gambling revenue of $511 million for the 2020-2021 period, down from $680 million, a figure that had been consistent in the previous three years.

However, while offline casinos were forced to lock their doors to the millions of yearly tourists and travellers eager to get a taste of the world-famous Australian casino experience, online venues started getting thrown into the spotlight more than ever. Passionate players and people looking for new ways to stay entertained at home embraced online gambling among other activities.

Choose a safe destination

While no one area is 100% immune from the effects of the pandemic, there are certain destinations that have been deemed safe to travel to. If you are tempted to simply book the cheapest getaway you can find, you should know that there is a reason why certain destinations are cheaper than others at the moment. Namely, that not as many people want to go there as they are not as safe as other destinations.

Instead, look for a country that has purpose-built health and safety protocols in place that actively protect tourists.

Buy travel insurance

Although travel insurance has always been important, it is now more crucial than ever before. In fact, you can now purchase COVID-proof travel insurance that specifically protects you from cancellations made due to COVID-19.

To get the most out of your travel insurance coverage, try to purchase it as early as possible so that you have time to cancel and recoup your expenses if you need to.

Be vigilant

Even if you have been fully vaccinated and you choose a hotel that has impeccable hygiene standards, you still need to be on your guard if you want to remain safe when travelling abroad.

When you are out and about in a foreign country, make sure that you still practice social distancing and that you avoid big crowds where possible. You also need to ensure that you are adhering to local rules around wearing a mask as you don’t want to make locals feel uncomfortable or, even worse, be issued with a fine.

If you are still feeling anxious about travelling, then maybe you should consider choosing a vacation destination a little closer to home. Australia offers so many beautiful areas of natural beauty, culture, and history, so why not explore your native home?

Alternatively, if you are required to travel for work, voice your concerns to your employer and ask them to tell you about safety practices that they have in place to protect you during corporate travel.

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