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Interesting Facts about Online Casinos in Different Countries

Online casinos can bring excitement, fun, and bright emotions. Imagine only, this industry is worth approximately $59 billion! That is not it! According to a tally, the next years will bring more than $151 billion! It sounds impressive. Of course, as every interesting form of entertainment, online gambling has plenty of legends, myths, and intriguing facts. In this article you will find the top 6 interesting facts about iGaming that were collected from different countries worldwide.

Slot machines` names

Online slot appeared in the USA. Since that time this form of gambling takes the first place among players. Online slot machines have plenty of different names. Case in point, in Australia they are known as pokies. Taking into account the historical aspect, this game was called a bandit with one arm. It is connected with the fact that machines of those times had one handle for starting to play. Nowadays, you need just your finger to start playing.

However, the most known name as Fruit machine this game received in the United Kingdom. The classic type of this game has reels with fruit symbols on them, so it was a basis for the most popular title. Find such games at

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The game of the devil

The game of the devil. It sounds scary, does not it? But actually, we speak about online roulette. Such a name is connected with the sum of wheel numbers. It is equal to 666. It is a fact that this number is associated with mystery and fear. This name has come from France. At present time you can often hear such a title among fans of online casinos.

First online casino

Liechtenstein opened the world of iGaming in 1994. This year the first online casino appeared. The famous company “Microgaming” presented it. And as you can see, this sphere has become so popular.

No matter of gender

It was common to think that men like playing online gambling products more than women. But according to the social interrogation, there is no matter of gender. Both males and females spend almost the same time at online casinos. The number of ladies increased with the rise of cryptocurrency with the help of which they can play totally anonymously.

Median age

An interesting fact about worldwide online gambling is that the median age of enthusiasts who play iGaming products is equal to the age from 30 to 40 years old.

The first fact that influences the players` age is a taboo for gamblers under 18. The second fact is about the players of the diapason are the most tech-savvy, younger people are fans of video game devices (for instance, consoles) in the biggest part.

Massive jackpot

Representative of the UK fans of online casino activities became a winner of the record prize in 2018. The sum of this jackpot was nearly $21.7 million! This prize was won in the online slot called “Mega Moolah”. Imagine only the bet of that man was only 75 cents!

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